Assign a Toolbox bitmap to a component or control Assign a Properties window category to a property in .NET

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Check whether the request comes from a search engine robot. If Request.Browser.Crawler Then Adapt the response to the search engine. End If Check whether the client supports VBScript. If Request.Browser.VBScript Then Send VBScript code to the browser. End If
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Part V Managing Data
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Abbrev. Title
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Second and fourth arguments are the index in the two strings;
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Page, User control
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Add a property
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Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Group Policy Settings
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Generalities of HTML Controls
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object An item, such as a graphic, video clip, sound file, or worksheet, that can be inserted into a PowerPoint slide and then selected and modified. object selector In OneNote, the handle that appears to the left of a text paragraph, graphic, table, or other individually selectable item within a note container or on a page. You click the object selector to select the object. .one file The OneNote data file format. Each .one file contains the content of one section. The .one file name is the same as the section name in the program window; changing one changes the other. See also section. orphan The first line of a paragraph printed by itself at the bottom of a page. Outline tab In PowerPoint, the tab of the Overview pane that shows all the text of the slides displayed as an outline. Overview pane In PowerPoint, the pane that appears in Normal view on the left side of the program window and that contains the Slides and Outline tabs. Package for CD In PowerPoint, a feature to help you gather all the components of a presentation and store them to a CD or another type of removable media so that they can be transported to a different computer. page In OneNote, a titled data storage unit within a section. Page Tabs area In OneNote, the area to the right of the content pane from which you can select and manipulate pages within the active section. paragraph style A combination of character formatting and paragraph formatting that is named and stored as a set. Applying the style to a paragraph applies all the formatting characteristics at one time. Paste Options A button that appears after you paste an item from the Microsoft Office Clipboard into your document, and which provides options for how the item appears in the document.
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This utility updates replication passwords throughout the replication system. This keeps you from having to update passwords in multiple locations. The Update Replication Passwords window is shown in Figure 20-38.
Part III:
Advanced Topics
Delete and Copy To buttons in the Advanced tab of the System Properties dialog box are not available.
End Function Close the drop-down area when the mouse button is released. Private Sub TB_MouseUp(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As MouseEventArgs) Handles tb.MouseUp If Not (wfes Is Nothing) Then wfes.CloseDropDown() End If End Sub End Class
Marshaling Data
(In the client application.)
Click the Preview tab, and then scroll to the right of the report, if necessary. You can see that the format of the value needs to be fixed and a label should be added to explain what the value represents. Since the scope of the aggregate function in the report body is the dataset, the sum represents the total of all product sales in the report. Click the Layout tab, and then modify the expression in the textbox as follows:
Clicking the Rich Text Editor s Save button doesn t update the document at the
Making Text Changes
This code creates an AudioEngine and then a WaveBank and a SoundBank that will be used in your game. The items in double quotation marks are strings that give the location of the resources that will be used. The AudioEngine is told where to find the XACT game settings, and the WaveBank and SoundBank are told which audio engine they are to use and which files contain their data. At this point, you might be wondering where these files are. If you look in the Sounds folder in your XNA Game Studio 2.0 project, you won t find them there. This is because these folders are used when the program is running, not when it is built. Before your program is started, XNA Game Studio 2.0 makes sure that these files are in place for it to pick up. If you get the name of the files wrong, the program will compile, but it will fail when it tries to run.
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