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Part I The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
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Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
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Part III:
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Control Flow and Error Handling
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1 Right-click My Computer, and then select Properties to display the System Properties dialog box (or simply select or double-click System in Control Panel). 2 Select the Advanced tab, then, under User Profiles, click Settings. The User Profiles dialog box appears. 3 After selecting the profile that is to be changed, click Change Type, and then select Roaming Profile or Local Profile as appropriate. 4 Click OK twice.
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No matter what height you make the box, it snaps to a standard height when you release the mouse button.
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The first step in creating a menu structure is to drag a MainMenu object from the Toolbox to the form designer. Because this object is invisible at run time, a new element named MainMenu1 appears in the designer s component tray area. You can change the name of this control if you want, but usually there s no point in doing so because most forms have only one menu structure and you don t need multiple MainMenu objects on a given form.
class Customer { private string foreName; private string lastName; }
Now we need to add code to the method to copy the readings over:
CD-506 Part 5
Keep the default settings on the Reporting Services Virtual Directories page, except clear the check box Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Connections When Retrieving Data On These Virtual Directories. The Reporting Services Virtual Directories page of the setup wizard looks like this:
If the client resides outside your domain (which is the case when your objects can be reached from the Internet), you can t use Integrated Windows authentication exclu sively and must enable Basic authentication. Let s see how the client application can pass its credentials to the server:
queue queue queue queue
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