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12 Click the Save All button or press Ctrl+Shift+S to commit the changes to the database. Click Yes
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A SortedList that sorts elements through a custom IComparer
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1 Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. 2 When the Autorun screen appears, click Check System Compatibility. (If Autorun is disabled or doesn t run, double-click the Setup.exe program on the CD-ROM.) 3 Click Check My System Automatically. The Windows operating system then analyzes the compatibility of the system and its hardware components, searching for any potential problems and displaying the results. 4 You will be prompted to get updated Setup files using Dynamic Update. Click Yes to do this or No to skip the update and continue the installation precheck. 5 Select a reported item, and then click Details to view additional information. You can also click Save As to save the report as a text file. When you are done, click Finish.
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Administering Your SharePoint Site This page can t reconfigure a site so that all its Web pages appear in another language. This is something you can specify only when you create a new site.
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The Notification Services content formatter requires an XSLT file to transform the raw notification data into a nicely formatted message. You configure the application to use an XSLT in the ContentFormatter section of a notification class. On the CD
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Deciding Between Upgrading and Migrating
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The /Forestprep process must be performed on the Schema Master. The /Domainprep process must be performed on the Infrastructure Master for each
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information. The log file for a server receiving a million hits a day would therefore be about 200 MB in size. The daily usage analysis process reads each log file entirely into memory. Therefore, processing a 200 MB log files would briefly consume 200 MB of server RAM. This is the incentive for creating multiple log files per day. Processing ten log files of 20 MB each would consume only 20 MB of RAM at any given time.
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Setup Reports Insufficient System Resources
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Use the FindItems() method. For example, to search all folders on Report Server, use
The project builds and runs. A window (a Windows Presentation Foundation [WPF] form) appears, displaying two empty text boxes labeled Width and Height. In the program, the text box controls are named width and height. They are currently empty. You will add code to the application that displays the current size of the window. 4. Close the form, and return to the Visual Studio 2008 programming environment. 5. Display the Window1.xaml.cs le in the Code and Text Editor window, and locate the sizeChanged method. This method is called by the Window1 constructor. You will use it to display the current size of the form in the width and height text boxes. You will make use of the ActualWidth and ActualHeight properties of the Window class. These properties return the current width and height of the form as double values. 6. Add two statements to the sizeChanged method to display the size of the form. The rst statement should read the value of the ActualWidth property of the form, convert it to a string, and assign this value to the Text property of the width text box. The second statement should read the value of the ActualHeight property of the form, convert it to a string, and assign this value to the Text property of the height text box. The sizeChanged method should look exactly like this:
The VaryByHeader attribute and the HttpCachePolicy s VaryByHeaders property allow you to cache multiple versions of a page, according to the value of one or more HTTP headers that you specify. If you want to cache pages by multiple headers, include a semicolon-delimited list of header names. If you want to cache a different version of the page for each different header value, set the VaryByHeader attribute to an asterisk (*). For example, the following declaration caches for one-minute pages based on the language accepted by the browser. Each language will have a different cached copy of the page output.
Using Profiler, Management Studio, and Database Engine Tuning Advisor
Used within the machine.config file or the site s root web.config file, the <location> element lets you specify different machinewide settings for all the Web applications hosted on the server machine. Note that in this case, though, you must indicate the name of the application you re configuring prefixed by the IIS name of the Web site. The Web site name is read in the IIS Manager. The following script applies to the YourApp application in the default Web site:
Getting Bound Data
Before proceeding further, you need to create the Northwind database.
All the permission objects defined in the .NET Framework have a corresponding permission attribute that allows you to use the permission object in a declarative fashion. For example, you can use the FileIOPermissionAttribute object to replace a method call on the FileIOPermission object and an EventLogPermissionAttribute in lieu of a method call on the EventLogPermission object. All these permission attributes take a SecurityAction enumerated value in their first argument; this value corresponds to the method that you would call if you were using the permission object in an imperative fashion. For example, let s say you have a pro cedure that uses the PermitOnly method of the FileIOPermission object:
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carelessness - his friend's friend's brother to get hold of the information required to use the computer. Now a hacker has the information, which became available in the first place because of the large number of users with access to MegaCar's computer. What would happen if that one hacker started playing around with the system And what would happen if he gave the access information to twenty of his cohorts The operators would have a hard time spotting the activities of these hackers, with a hundred and fifty people logging in and out of the computer all the time. But twenty-one unknown snoops, with no compunction to keep MegaCar's access information private, would be free to go their merry ways.
The stsadm.exe program won t restore a like-named collection from a different server.
Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
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