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Lists Web Part definitions available from Microsoft s Web site.
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Sorting Table Rows
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In Design view, select cmsNotify in the component tray. In the context menu strip, double-click the
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The method works through each TouchLocation to find one that indicates the start of a Pressed event. If it finds one, it then does some vector arithmetic to find out whether the player has touched the puck. Figure 18-6 shows how this works.
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SQL Server Database Mirroring Version Support
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The HTML with Office Web Components version of your report is intended to be used online while you remain connected to the Report Server. If you want to work with the PivotTable when you re disconnected from the Report Server, you can use the Export To Microsoft Excel button on the PivotTable toolbar to create a local copy of the PivotTable. The data in this PivotTable is, in effect, a snapshot, and will not update with current data. You can then use the Offline storage option in Excel to create a local cube from this data. In this procedure, you will export the Product Sales and Profitability by Month report as HTML with Office Web Components.
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the collection. The setting is identified using the key. Finally, the <clear> element clears all settings that have previously been defined in the section. As the name of the section implies, you should store in the section application-specific settings and avoid storing user-specific information. For user-specific information, you can use the user profile API. (See 8, Page Composition and Usability. ) Any contents you design for storage in the <appSettings> section can be saved to an external XML file that is linked to the section through the file attribute:
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Figure 10-7 Setting a breakpoint in XNA Game Studio 2.0
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2. In the left pane of the Component Services window, expand the Component
13 Designing Aggregations
hotspot A wireless network intended for pub-
Marshal-by-Reference and Marshal-by-Value Objects
to a system in order to achieve a higher degree of performance.
Here s how you can rewrite the procedure with declarative security instead of impera tive security:
In col1, there are 10,000 unique values, each duplicated three times. In col2, there are actually 10,002 unique values. For the multicolumn density, each set of (col1, col2) in the table is unique. Figure 8-22 shows the data stored for the multicolumn statistics object.
Report Authoring with Custom Development CD-419
Autogrowth Autogrowth is a very powerful option in SQL Server through which the size of a database file is automatically increased if it fills up. The autogrowth options can be changed by selecting the button and setting the values in the Change Autogrowth screen, as shown in Figure 10-4.
Creating Tuple-Based Calculated Members
Files that control the appearance and optionally the position of standard HTML elements and other items you designate. Any number of Web pages can link to the same style sheet file, thereby achieving a standard appearance. Compared to themes and Dynamic Web Templates, this alternative has the most flexibility.
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