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Delivering Reports
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semi-flexible or inflexible constraint. You will work with deadline dates later in this chapter.
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Introducing Serviced Components
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5. On the View tab, in the Data group, click the arrow on the Group By: button, and
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Although Network Load Balancing is normally used to distribute the workload for an application or service, it can also be used to direct a specific type of traffic to a particular server. For example, an administrator might want to load Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic to a group of servers but might want a single server to handle other types of traffic. In this latter case, Network Load Balancing allows traffic to flow to a designated server and reroutes traffic to another server only in case of failure. Network Load Balancing runs as a network driver and requires no hardware changes to install and run. Its operations are transparent to the TCP/IP networking stack. Because Network Load Balancing is IP-based, IP networking must be installed on all load-balanced servers. At this time, Network Load Balancing supports Ethernet and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) networks but doesn t support Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Future versions of Network Load Balancing might support these network architectures. There are four basic models for Network Load Balancing:
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Creating an additional domain controller in an existing domain
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SPSite spsRoot = new SPSite(strRootUrl);
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Note that, if specified, the Accept-Charset attribute in the request overrides the default requestEncoding setting. If you remove any encoding setting from the configuration files, ASP.NET defaults to the server s locale. In the majority of cases, requestEncoding and responseEncoding have the same value. Valid names for the culture and uiCulture attributes are non-neutral culture names such as en-US, en-AU, and it-IT. A culture name is made of two elements the language and country/ region and both are to be specified in this context.
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Part VII:
Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions Table 18-1
Open(file [, mode [, access [, share]]]) CreateText(file) AppendText(file) OpenRead(file) OpenWrite(file) OpenText(file)
protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { updateAllButtons(); // Allows the game to exit if (players[0].PlayerButtons.BackPressed) this.Exit(); switch (state) { case GameState.TitleScreen: doUpdateTitleState(); break; case GameState.InstructionScreen: doUpdateInstuctionState(); break; case GameState.PlayingGame: doUpdatePlayingGame(); break; case GameState.GameOver: doUpdateGameOver(); break; } base.Update(gameTime); }
6. Click Replace.
designer, as shown in Figure 21-3. Notice the package in Figure 21-3 also illustrates renamed objects and an annotation as described in the previous section. Note
ShipperI D appears as an at t ribut e, but xm lCom panyNam e and xm lPhone appear as elem ent s. Whereas t he dat a values are from t he Shippers t able in t he Nort hwind dat abase, t he elem ent and at t r ibut e nam es are from t he annot at ed schem a. Figu r e 6 - 2 . A pa ir of scre e n sh ot s illu st ra t in g d iffer e n t re su lt se t s from t h e sa m e an n ot a t e d sch e m a b ase d on t w o t em plat e s w it h differ en t X Pa t h qu e rie s.
Figure 37-2. Configuring domain user Minimum Password Length in the Default Domain Policy. Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements
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