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Generalities of Web Controls
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Part IV:
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Unfortunately, this is hardly the kind of procedure you d want to use for everyday site navigation. And again, you must be a top-level site administrator to use it.
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([Account].[Accounts].&[48],[Measures].[Amount])/ ([Account].[Accounts].&[96],[Measures].[Amount])
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SQL Server 2005 has the concept of a default filegroup, which, as the name suggests, is the default filegroup for all secondary data files created without an explicit filegroup assignment. The primary filegroup is initially assigned to be the default filegroup; however, this can be changed to be any other user-defined filegroup by a db_owner using SQL Sever Management Studio or the T-SQL ALTER DATABASE command (T-SQL was introduced in 1, "Overview of New Features and Enhancements"):
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Actions Template Display Name: Company EFS Recovery Agent Template Name: CompanyEFSRecoveryAgent Validity Period: Two years Publish certificate in Active Directory: Enabled
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A log backup
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Debug.WriteLine(dtEmp.Compute( Avg(Salary)", Nothing))
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loginUrl name path
Part 2
the MOLAP modes corresponds to a different processing option, which will be explained later in this chapter. Click OK.
You create performance logs by using Performance Monitor. In Performance Monitor, expand the Performance Logs And Alerts node, and then select the type of performance log you want to create. Two types of performance logs are available: counter logs and trace logs. Counter logs record performance data at a specific interval by using the performance objects and counters discussed previously. You can save data in several formats, including commadelimited and tab-delimited text and binary. When using a text file, you can export the data to a spreadsheet or database for further analysis. When using the binary format, logged data can be replayed in real time in System Monitor. Trace logs monitor continuously for specific types of events from Windows system providers and subcomponents and record performance data whenever those events occur. Trace logs can also obtain information from nonsystem providers such as Active Directory, Netlogon, and the Security Accounts Manager (SAM). To interpret the trace log output, you need a parsing tool that can read the raw data and convert it into a usable format. One tool available in Windows Server 2003 is Tracerpt. Tracerpt is a command-line utility that processes trace logs and allows you to generate trace analysis reports and comma-delimited text files for the events generated. For both trace and counter logs, parameters that you track in log files are recorded separately from parameters that you chart in Performance Monitor. You can configure performance logging to start manually or automatically. Logging can be manually started in Performance Monitor. Automatic monitoring can be scheduled to start at a specific date and time.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
7. In the View Details dialog box, click Close, and then click Close in the Process Progress dialog box . 8. Select the MOLAP [Browse] window . On the Browser toolbar, click Reconnect . The report shows that the sales order from Mexico has been added to the MOLAP cube . The number of items in the newly added order, 122, is displayed at the intersection of Mexico and CY 2011 . Aggregate values have also been updated . The total for CY 2011 has increased by 122 to 45,252 and the total for all years and all countries has increased by 122 to 214,500 .
18. Click OK to close the message box. 19. Click Close.
You can also view general Windows Update events in the Application log. Search for events with a source of MsiInstaller.
Serviced Components
Real World
The code snippet demonstrates a BarChart title that displays an image in addition to the text set through the Title property. Here s another example:
== ButtonState.Pressed ) redIntensity++ ;
Create the application menu
Write the ColorSyntaxVisitor class r
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