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tr = cn.BeginTransaction()
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Any nontrivial ASP.NET application must authenticate its users and implement some form of security. In the first half of this chapter, I ll cover the many facets of ASP.NET security; in the second half, I ll recap the many configuration options that ASP.NET provides.
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The String class exposes additional shared methods that you can call without first instancing a String object. For example, the Concat method supports an arbitrary num ber of String arguments (or Object arguments that can be converted to strings) and returns the string that results from the concatenation of all the arguments:
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This works the same as Insert As Indexed Path, except that it refers to the data using a full path relative to the root of the data source. Most of the time, Insert As Indexed Value will produce the results you want, and is preferable. But if that s not working, you should definitely try Insert As Full XPath.
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Even though you are bypassing Report Manager by using URLs to access items on Report Server, the security permissions still apply. You can open an item or view the contents of a folder only when your role assignment has the correct permissions. If you plan to use the URL in a link that you add to a Web page, make sure you have the correct role assignments defined for the item. In this procedure, you will access reports by navigating Report Server s virtual directory and by entering a specific URL.
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Most of the members of the DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes perform the same action of shared methods with similar names exposed by the Directory and File types. For example, the FileInfo.CreationTime property lets you read and modify the creation date of a file, just as the File object s GetCreationTime and SetCreationTime methods do. Among the few exceptions is the FileInfo.Length property, which returns the length of a file:
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To Create a new report project Do this On the File menu in Visual Studio, point to New, and then click Project. Choose the Report Project template to create an empty report project. Enter a name and a physical folder location for the project.
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Part VI:
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Add the IComparable interface 1. Add the IComparable interface to the class declaration: 2. Visual Basic 3. Public Class SortablePoint 4. Implements IComparable 5. Code for the class is here. 6. : 7. End Class 8. 9. // Visual C# 10. public class SortablePoint : IComparable { 11. // Code for the class is here. 12. : } 13. If you re using Visual Basic, click IComparable in the Class Name list. In the Method Name list, click CompareTo. The declaration for the CompareTo method is added to the class. If you re using Visual C#, in the Class View, expand the SortablePoint class and Bases And Interfaces. Right-click the IComparable interface in the Class View, point to Add, and then click Implement Interface. The declaration for the CompareTo method is added to the class. Visual Basic Public Function CompareTo(ByVal obj As Object) As Integer _ Implements System.IComparable.CompareTo End Function // Visual C# #region Implementation of IComparable public int CompareTo(object obj) { return 0; } #endregion The CompareTo method compares the one class instance, Me or this, to another instance of the class, obj. If the two instances are equal, according to the class s definition of sorting, CompareTo returns 0. If the Me or this instance is larger (comes second), CompareTo returns a positive integer. If the Me or this instance is smaller (comes first), CompareTo returns a negative integer. 14. Add code to the CompareTo function and create a helper function, SquaredDistance. Points are compared two at a time, so it doesn t matter what value is returned by the CompareTo method, as long as a positive number is returned if the Me or this point is farther away than the other point. The SquaredDistance method returns the squared distance of the point from the origin. If the CompareTo method used
Authenticating, Authorizing, and Auditing Access to Resources
The Great Programmer is a big fan of enumerated types. She says that if you create a type that can have only certain values, it reduces the chances of your program doing silly things. As an example, she says that if you had a game that was either in Attract mode (nobody playing), Play mode (game in progress), or High Score mode (entering high score value), it makes very good sense to represent these states with a variable that can have only one of those three values. You could use an integer to store this and remember that 0, 1, and 2 mean the three different states, but this would not stop a novice programmer (or your younger brother) from putting 97 in there and causing the program to do strange things. It is much more sensible to create a special enumerated type to hold the state of the game, and you ll be doing this when you make a complete game.
Project asks whether you want to open the resource pool. Project hasn t actually loaded the content of the inserted project plans yet, and showing the subtasks in the consolidated project is akin to opening them.
3. If the Audio Search dialog box opens, and you want to make a selection at this
As you see in the following code, you create the individual Binding objects by using the DataBindings.Add method, which takes the name of the bound property, a refer ence to the data source (the Employees array in this case), and the name of the mem ber in the data source. The last argument is the name of a field when you re binding to a database table or the name of a property when you re binding to an object:
GamePad.SetVibration(PlayerIndex.One, 1, 0);
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