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times that are 100 or 1,000 times more than for a properly written query. Thus, if you opt to use a SQL collation, you need to watch that you don t mix varchar and nvarchar casually. Another case where the collation can make a huge difference is when SQL Server has to look at almost all characters in the strings. For instance, look at the following:
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date and does not have a constraint applied, the entire task is rescheduled to begin after that date.
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Object-Oriented Programming
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Microsoft SQL Server Administration
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Reset the PIN When you use a PIN for authentication, this allows you to change the PIN.
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Table 2-11 Maximum Capacity Limits for SQL Server 2005 (continued) SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Object Connections per client Database size Databases per instance of SQL Server Filegroups per database Files per database File size (data file) File size (log file) Foreign key table references per table Identifier length (in characters) Instances per computer Length of a string containing SQL statements (Batch size) Locks per connection Locks per instance of SQL Server Nested stored procedure levels Nested subqueries Nested trigger levels Non clustered indexes per table Parameters per stored procedure Parameters per user-defined function REFERENCES per table Rows per table Tables per database Partitions per partitioned table or index Statistics on nonindexed columns Tables per SELECT statement Triggers per table UNIQUE indexes or constraints per table XML indexes Maximum Values Maximum value of configured connections* 1,048,516 terabytes 32,767 32,767 32,767 16 terabytes 2 terabytes 253 128 16 (50 for Enterprise Edition) 65,536 network packet size Maximum locks per instance of SQL Server IA-32: up to 2,147,483,647 IA-64, 64: limited only by memory 32 32 32 249 2,100 2,100 253 Limited only by available storage Limited by number of objects in a database 1,000 2,000 256 Limited by number of objects in a database 1 clustered and 249 nonclustered indexes 249
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If no date is supplied, the default of January 1, 1900, is assumed; if no time is supplied, the default of 00:00:00.000 (midnight) is assumed.
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Methods in BreadAndCheeseGame
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Create a permission set that contains all available permission objects.
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Using the System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts.Synchronization attribute is the simplest way to provide synchronized access to an entire object so that only one thread can access its instance fields and methods. That is, any thread can use that instance of the class, but only one thread at a time. If a thread is executing code inside the class, any other thread that attempts to use the fields or methods of that class has to wait. In other words, it s as if there were SyncLock blocks enclosing every method of that class, with all these blocks using the same lock variable. The following code shows how you can synchronize a class using the Synchronization attribute. Notice also that the class must inherit from ContextBoundObject to be marked as a context-bound object:
The Reference Architecture stores search results in a cache because the search facility is commonly used by all users. Similar functionality is implemented in the Commerce Server 2000 Retail Solution site. The Reference Architecture and Commerce Server 2000 Retail Solution Site use the same cache name for this functionality: FTSearchPageCache.
1. Ensure that Window1.xaml is displayed in the Design View window. Remove the two button controls and the text box control from the form. 2. In the XAML pane, change the Height property of the form to 470 and the Width property to 600, as shown in bold type here:
In this procedure, you will run the subscription just once to generate output. 16 Type a start time that is 3 minutes ahead of the current time, and click the correct AM or PM option. 17 Click the OK button. 18 Type the password for the ReportServer2000 account.
If you re at the point of running initial setup, it s easiest to do this before running the setup program. But if you re already running setup, click Cancel when the message shown in Figure 13-4 appears, remove the FrontPage Server Extensions, and then restart setup.
Part 1
Part 4
Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
An ADF is an XML file just like the ICF, so you can use any XML editor or Visual Studio to create and edit the file. You can also edit the file using SQL Server Management Studio. The root element for an ADF file is Application. An ADF must conform to the ConfigurationFileSchema, which is included as a default namespace in the file. Here is the code to begin a new ADF, to which we ll add required elements later in this chapter:
Creating Databases and Database Snapshots
Sharing a New or Existing Notebook
Part III:
Note that this property returns the correct page title only if the <title> tag is correctly placed within the <head> tag. Some browsers, in fact, are quite forgiving on this point and allow developers to define the title outside the header. To manipulate the <title> tag independently from the header, use the HtmlTitle control and mark the <title> tag with the runat attribute. Finally, HtmlHead features a StyleSheet property of type IStyleSheet. The actual class that implements the interface is internal and named StyleSheetInternal. All this class does is let you create CSS style information programmatically. Note that the StyleSheet property is not a programmatic way to link a URL to an external CSS file. It is, instead, an API for you to create an ASP.NET specific Style object that is then translated into a CSS block within the page. Here s an example:
protected object Eval(string expression) { if (Page == null) throw new InvalidOperationException( ); return DataBinder.Eval(Page.GetDataItem(), expression); }
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