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Basic authentication is an HTTP standard supported by virtually any browser (and disabled by default in IIS 7). With this type of authentication, a request bounces back with a particular HTTP status code (HTTP 401) that the browser understands as a demand to display a standard dialog box to request the user s credentials. The information gathered is sent to IIS, which attempts to match it with any of the Web server s accounts. Because credentials are sent out as Base64-encoded text, essentially in clear text, Basic authentication is recommended only for use over HTTPS secure channels. Note that the default installation of IIS 7 doesn t include Digest authentication. Digest authentication differs from Basic authentication mostly because it hashes credentials before sending. Digest authentication is an HTTP 1.1 feature and, as such, is not supported by some old browsers. Both Basic and Digest authentication work well through firewalls and proxy servers. To use Digest authentication on IIS 7, you must install the appropriate Digest role service and disable anonymous authentication. Integrated Windows authentication sets up a conversation between the browser and the Web server. The browser passes the credentials of the currently logged-on user, who is not required to type anything. The user needs to have a valid account on the Web server or in a trusted domain to be successfully authenticated. The authentication can take place through the NTLM challenge/response method or by using Kerberos. The technique has limited browser support and is impractical in the presence of firewalls. It is designed for intranet use. Note Yet another type of authentication mode exists and is based on certificates. You can use
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your game will run slowly. So you need to be careful and test the program on the device to make sure you are not trying to do too much. Note Chang ng the update rate of a game s not a dec s on you shou d take ght y, and you
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Winnt /u:Unattend.txt /s:\\FileServer\DistributionShare\i386
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the scope of work or secure more resources.
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Caching with the PartialCaching Attribute
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JSONP in jQuery
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Add frequently used commands to the Quick Access toolbar. Customize an existing ribbon or create a new ribbon that includes any commands
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Entering and Revising Data
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Note If you enable any of the alternative subject name options, you must ensure that all users or computers that request the certificate have those fields populated in Active Directory. For example, if a user requests a certificate that places the user s e-mail name in the subject alternative name extension, and the user does not have a defined e-mail name, the certificate request will fail.
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Note that the LastContentModifiedDate will appear by default as a UTC time. The ToLocalTime method converts this to the server s local time zone
Other useful command-line tools for working with the event logs include Eventcreate and Eventtriggers. Eventcreate can be used to create custom events in the event logs. Eventtriggers can be used to monitor event logs for specific events, and then it acts on those events by running tasks or commands.
Abbrev. Title
for use in OneNote, as well as the spelling options that are common to the Office 2010 programs.
PgPercentFull -----------------99.3081294786261 91.7540400296516 1.09957993575488
Installing and Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server 2005
The cube metadata tree looks like this:
Estimated CPU Cost
Why are there no audit entries related to Certificate Services
Figure 4-5. This two-step wizard adds team members to the document workspace where the current Office program resides.
If you choose to replace the field with an empty string, be sure to make developers aware that any instance of Book could contain an empty string for the title or text. Using the Constructors Now you ll replace the multiple lines of code with one call to the constructor. You will also replace the Library class with an array and exploit the data binding properties of the .NET Framework by using the array as a data source. Delete the code to be replaced 1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click Form1 and click View Code on the shortcut menu to open it in the code editor. 2. Delete the showPage_Click method. 3. Delete the declaration of the Library field from the Form1 class. You ll replace it with an array of Book instances. 4. 5. 6. Delete this line in the Visual Basic project. Private m_library As Library // Delete this line in the Visual C# project.
7. To exclude the data in column D from the chart, in the worksheet, drag the handle
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