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Use configuration files to modify Reporting Services components. Monitor Reporting Services performance with execution logging. Terminate or suspend jobs. Manage the Reporting Services databases.
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A set of detail rows that are organized by a common field. The result of merging data from a query with layout information from a report definition. The intermediate format is sent to a rendering extension to produce the final output, such as an HTML page or an Excel file.
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Has no nonworking time
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Figure 15-1
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Consider the following additional points when validating your tests:
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We want to make sure that a given item in our program cannot be placed into an invalid state; that is, we don t want to have tomatoes that can be positioned off the display screen. We want to be able to separate a large system into distinct and isolated parts that can be developed independently and made to work together; that is, we want to get one team of programmers working on game backgrounds, another on the cheese, another on animated bread, and so on. We want to make sure that the effort involved with making new types of game elements is as small as possible; that is, if we decide to introduce a new killer tomato we want to be able to make use of the existing tomato code as much as we can.
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Detecting Browser Capabilities
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Dim s1 As String = cio "
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Call XMLBegTag(mc_strAddresses) Do While Not rsAddress.EOF strAddressID = rsAddress.Fields("address_id").value strDescription = rsAddress.Fields("description").value strAddressName = rsAddress.Fields("address_name").value strAddressLine1 = rsAddress.Fields("address_line1").value strAddressLine2 = rsAddress.Fields("address_line2").value strCity = rsAddress.Fields("city").value strRegionCode = rsAddress.Fields("region_code").value strRegionName = rsAddress.Fields("region_name").value strPostalCode = rsAddress.Fields("postal_code").value blnSaveSuccessful = PutOrderAddress(objMSCSOrderGrp, _ mc_lngShippingAddress, strAddressID, strAddressName, _ strAddressLine1, strAddressLine2, strCity, strRegionName, _ strPostalCode, strDescription) If blnSaveSuccessful Then Call XMLBegTag(mc_strAddress) Call XMLTag(mc_strAddress_ID, strAddressID) Call XMLTag(mc_strDescription, strDescription) Call XMLTag(mc_strAddress_Name, strAddressName) Call XMLTag(mc_strAddress_Line1, strAddressLine1) Call XMLTag(mc_strAddress_Line2, strAddressLine2) Call XMLTag(mc_strCity, strCity) Call XMLTag(mc_strRegion_Code, strRegionName) Call XMLTag(mc_strRegion_Name, strRegionName) Call XMLTag(mc_strPostal_Code, strPostalCode) Call XMLEndTag(mc_strAddress) 'Set the billing address If rsAddress.Fields("address_type").value = 2 Then objMSCSOrderGrp.Value("OrderForms").Value _ ("default").Value("billing_address_id") = strAddressID End If End If rsAddress.MoveNext Loop Call XMLEndTag(mc_strAddresses) End If
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When a page saves data to Session, the value is loaded into an in-memory dictionary an instance of an internal class named SessionDictionary. (See Figure 17-1 to review session state loading and saving.) Other concurrently running pages cannot access the session until the ongoing request completes.
ToString() + " is " + sum.ToString());
Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
This signature is now different from that of the FinishWelding and PaintOff methods, and therefore you cannot use the same delegate to handle all three methods.
The same document can look very different depending on the theme applied to
Managing Deployment
15 Programming Report Server Management CD-473
Figure 6-14 shows how the Optional Settings For Column section looks for a calculated field.
Part III:
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out
Web Forms and Controls
Dim stream2 As System.IO.Stream = asm2.GetManifestResourceStream(resName2)
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