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Dim titDa As New OleDbDataAdapter( SELECT * FROM Titles", cn)
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int[] array = new int[3]; array[0] = first; array[1] = second; array[2] = third; int min = Util.Min(array);
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Style Properties of the GridView Control
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FIGURE 2-10 Comp er warn ngs.
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To filter all data regions in a report, click the Data tab, click the dataset in the Dataset list box, and then click the Edit Selected Dataset button. Click the Filters tab, and then select the expression that corresponds to the report parameter s value. or To filter a data region, right-click the data region in the design grid, and then click Properties. Click the Filters tab, and then select the expression that corresponds to the report parameter s value. or To filter a grouping level, right-click the group row in the design grid, and then click Properties. In the Properties window, click the Ellipsis button for the Grouping property, click the Filters tab, and then select the expression that corresponds to the report parameter s value.
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14. Click OK twice to return to the Properties window, where the Action property contains a value, as shown here:
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View State of Controls
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In C#, you can assign the null value to any reference variable. The null value simply means that the variable does not refer to an object in memory. You can use it like this:
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You can preview a Web Part by clicking its entry on the Web Part Gallery page, but to test it completely, you must add it to a Web Part Page. For example, it s often expedient to:
There are two relevant aspects in the ASP.NET Web Forms model: the process model and the page object model. Each request of a URL that ends with .aspx is assigned to an application object working within the CLR hosted by the worker process. The request results in a dynamically compiled class that is then instantiated and put to work. The Page class is the base class for all ASP.NET pages. An instance of this class runs behind any URL that ends with .aspx. In most cases, you won t just build your ASP.NET pages from the Page class directly, but you ll rely on derived classes that contain event handlers and helper methods, at the very minimum. These classes are known as code-behind classes. The class that represents the page in action implements the ASP.NET eventing model based on two pillars: the single form model (page reentrancy) and server controls. The page life cycle, fully described in this chapter, details the various stages (and related substages) a page passes through on the way to generate the markup for the browser. A deep understanding of the page life cycle and eventing model is key to diagnosing possible problems and implementing advanced features quickly and efficiently. In this chapter, I mentioned controls several times. Server controls are components that get input from the user, process the input, and output a response as HTML. In the next chapter, we ll explore the internal architecture of server controls and other working aspects of Web Forms pages.
Module GlobalVars Public PageViewCount As Integer Public Counter As Integer End Module
One of Microsoft s goals for Windows Vista was to make almost every aspect of the operating system s behavior configurable using Group Policy settings. As a result, Windows Vista includes dozens of new Group Policy settings. Some aspects of Group Policy behavior have changed, too. For example, you can now configure multiple local GPOs, which simplifies managing computers in workgroup environments. This lesson provides an overview of Group Policy objects (GPOs), Multiple Local Group Policy objects (MLGPOs), and administrative templates. Lesson 2, Windows Vista Group Policy Settings, provides an overview of new Group Policy settings included with Windows Vista.
Start FrontPage. This usually reopens the site that was open the last time you quit
Remoting Essentials
Troubleshooting Logon Scripts
The Find Format dialog box closes.
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