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In a typical application for Windows, not all menu commands are available at the same time. In a typical Edit menu, for example, the Paste command is available only when there is data on the Clipboard. You can disable a menu item by setting the Enabled property for the menu object to False. When a command is disabled, it appears in dimmed type on the menu bar. In the following exercise, you ll disable the Close command on the File menu. (Close is a command that can be used only after a file has been opened in the program.) Later in the chapter, you ll include a statement in the Open command event procedure that enables the Close command at the proper time.
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When the ESTIMATEONLY option is speci ed, the output does not contain any error or informational messages. Instead, the output has the following format:
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In computer gaming terms, the image of Jake is a sprite. A sprite is a flat, preloaded image that is used as part of a computer game. Sprites can be large, such as background sky, or smaller,
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way, is known as a luring attack.)
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But t on1_Click ev ent pr ocedur e assigns t he t ext Hello Wor ld t o t he label when t he user clicks t he but t on. This page w orks in very old br owsers. For exam ple, I used I nt er net Explor er 4 t o v iew t he WebForm 1.aspx page, and it w ork ed per fect ly . The com put er running t he br owser didn t hav e t he .NET Fram ew ork inst alled eit her . Figu re 8 - 2 . A pa ir of eve n t p roced u r e s for a n ASP.N ET W e b ap plica t ion w it h a ve r sion of t h e classic H ello W orld sa m ple.
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Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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MMC Snap-Ins
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can manage with the Organizer, and then click the Calendars tab.
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Remember, however, that this code works well only if you re reading and updating a single table. When multiple tables are used, you should open the connection before the read operation and close it immediately afterward to avoid an unnecessary close and reopen operation:
if (jakeRect.Width > graphics.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width) { jakeRect.Width = jakeRect.Width - getPercentage(1, jakeRect.Width); jakeRect.Height = jakeRect.Height - getPercentage(1, jakeRect.Height); }
Advanced Win32 Techniques
ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew
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