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Modifying Worksheets
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Managing Subscriptions
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Generate entity classes for the Suppliers and Products tables
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Troubleshooting Problems Related to Permissions
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SetNoServerCaching SetNoStore SetNoTransforms SetOmitVaryStar SetProxyMaxAge SetRevalidation SetSlidingExpiration
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This works rather well in that the text is nicely blurred around the edges, as a shadow would be. Now you know one way video games achieve blur. They can do it by repeatedly drawing the same scene in slightly different positions. The next part of the drawing process uses the same technique you ve used before, except that you use slightly different colors. The complete drawing method follows.
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10 Select account transition options Next you must decide how to handle source and destination (target) versions of group accounts in the Group Member Transition Options dialog box (as shown in the following screen).
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Building Custom Reporting Tools CD-517
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In addition to the properties listed in Table 11-1 and Table 11-2, the ListView control has a number of data-binding properties, including DataKeyNames, DataSource, DataSourceID, and DataMember. The DataKeyNames property specifies the fields that represent the primary key of the data source. When you set this property declaratively, you use a comma-separated list of field names. The underlying type is an array of strings. Strictly related to DataKeyNames is DataKeys. This property contains an object that identifies the unique key for each item that is currently displayed in the ListView control. Through the DataKeys collection, you can access the individual values that form the primary key for each displayed record. DataSource and DataSourceID provide two mutually exclusive ways of bringing data inside of the control. The DataSource property represents an enumerable collection of bindable records; the DataSourceID property points to a data source control in the page that does the entire job of retrieving and binding data. Starting with ASP.NET 2.0, all data controls can be bound to a data source control, but not all of them can fully leverage the capabilities of a data source control. Only view controls such as GridView and DetailsView can, for example, update the record in the data source or page and sort based on the capabilities of the underlying data source. Older data-bound controls, such as DataList, support only the read-only interface of data source controls. In this regard, the ListView control is a logical specialization of the DataList control that does provide full support for the capabilities of the underlying data source control. (In the OO meaning of the word, ListView and DataList have nothing in common.) Finally, because the ListView control inherits from WebControl, it features a bunch of user-interface properties, including Style, CssClass, SkinID, Visible, and EnableTheming. Note The ListView control lacks the usual ton of style properties that characterize all other view
Backing Up System Databases
not sure paragraph, and then on the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Repeat Insertion button to insert another column break.
You can specify CSS style information in the three general locations (or, if you prefer, the three levels) listed here:
Sample Code: Color Nerve The sample project in the 02 Color Nerve directory in the resources for this chapter implements the game. You can adjust the colors of the screen by pressing the gamepad buttons or a key on the keyboard.
Registering Key Presses
Now the array contains: {1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 0}
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