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Managing Content
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a large number of Project templates available for free download via the Web.
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public class BaseSprite { protected Texture2D spriteTexture; protected Rectangle spriteRectangle; // Other BaseSprite content here }
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machine.config is the main configuration file and contains the settings related to ASP.NET as a whole. All the ASP.NET applications inherit these settings, but they can override them. This file resides in the c:\WindowsMicrosoft.Net\FrameZ work\vx.y.zzzz\Config directory. There s one machine.config file for each installed version of the .NET Framework. web.config is the configuration file that you place in an ASP.NET application s root directory. It often overrides machine.config settings related to session state, page directives, security, and tracing. Visual Studio .NET automatically generates this file when you create a new Web Forms project. secondary web.config files can reside in any subdirectory belonging to the appliZ cation. Each additional configuration file can override values in the application s main web.config file and can assign different settings to files that are located in that subdirectory.
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Building Report Models
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p2.EndCap = Drawing.Drawing2D.LineCap.ArrowAnchor
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When you use a list, you can combine different types of report items in an unstructured arrangement within the data region. This type of data region repeats each row from a dataset, just like a table or matrix, but has more flexibility. Instead of arranging data in strict rows and columns, you can place text-
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In an active/active cluster configuration, you must set the SQL Server configuration parameter min server memory to 0. If this configuration parameter is set to Manual, SQL Server might over-allocate memory after a failover. Because Windows 2003 is a virtualmemory system, it is possible to allocate more memory than is physically available. In fact, this problem frequently arises causing paging. For example, if each SQL Server system allocates 75 percent of the system s memory and a failover occurs, the combined SQL Server services would demand 150 percent of the available memory, essentially bringing the system to a standstill.
Querying Information in a Database
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