Using LINQ in a C# Application in .NET

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Use this chapter to understand the different metrics and calculations that are used for analyzing performance data results and preparing performance results reports. To get the most from this chapter: Use the Exemplar Data Sets section to gain an understanding of the exemplars, which are used to illustrate the key mathematical principles explained throughout the chapter. Use the remaining sections to learn about key mathematical principles that will help you to understand and present meaningful performance testing reports.
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Import an Analysis Services database design
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The same pattern could be used in the Setup and Draw methods. Note that these changes won t make the game program run more quickly (in fact, the method calls slow things down very slightly), but it makes things much easier for the programmer, as shown next. You might remember that the process of tidying up a program like this is known as refactoring. You first saw this in 11, where you changed the name of elements in your game to better reflect what they were used for. XNA Game Studio provides some useful refactoring features to help you organize your program and perform refactoring.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
Building Custom Reporting Tools
WHERE RequiredDate < DATEADD(day, 3, ShippedDate) ORDER BY DATEDIFF(day,RequiredDate,DATEADD(day, 3, ShippedDate)) DESC The last sam ple script in t his sect ion illust rat es how t o aggregat e a calculat ed value and t hen group it by quart er w it hin y ear . The sam ple also shows t he synt ax for filt er ing gr oups defined by a GROUP BY clause wit h a HAVI NG clause. The script does it s aggregat ing w it h a SUM funct ion defined on t he DATEDI FF expression for com put ing t he num ber of days an order is lat e. This SUM funct ion requir es a GROUP BY clause. The one in t he sam ple specifies an order s year and quart er as grouping colum n values. Tw o separat e DATEPART funct ions der ive t he year and quart er for an OrderDat e. The SELECT list cont ains t hree it em s t he t w o DATEPART funct ions for t he y ear and quart er and t he SUM funct ion for t he num ber of days lat e. A HAVI NG clause includes t wo separat e expr essions t o filt er groups in t he r esult set . First , only groups w it h a y ear value great er t han 1996 can belong t o t he r esult set . Second, t he HAVI NG clause ex cludes t he group corr esponding t o t he second quart er of 1998. The SELECT st at em ent s final line is an ORDER BY clause t hat ensur es r ows appear in order by quart er w it hin y ear . --DaysLatePerQuarter -Demo Sum aggregate function of DATEDIFF with GROUP BY and HAVING clau ses. SELECT DATEPART(yyyy, OrderDate) AS Year , DATEPART(q, OrderDate) AS Quarter , SUM(DATEDIFF(d, RequiredDate, DATEADD(day, 3, ShippedDate))) AS Days Late FROM Orders WHERE (DATEDIFF(d, RequiredDate, DATEADD(day, 3, ShippedDate)) > 0) GROUP BY DATEPART(yyyy, OrderDate), DATEPART(q, OrderDate) HAVING DATEPART(yyyy, OrderDate) > 1996 AND NOT(DATEPART(yyyy, OrderDate) = 1998 AND DATEPART(q, OrderDate) = 2) ORDER BY DATEPART(yyyy, OrderDate), DATEPART(q, OrderDate)
Knowing the available variables and their meaning, you can now examine the separator page listings shown previously to see exactly what they are doing. Now that we know what the variables mean, let s take another look at Pcl.sep:
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In addition to using trace logs to capture details about Reporting Services operations, you can use an execution log to help you manage report execution. An execution log provides even more detail about the reports that are processed than you will find in the trace log. With an execution log, you can monitor the duration and success rate of report executions; identify bottlenecks by examining execution times; and optimize report executions by using request frequency, execution times, and user information to help you choose an appropriate execution method for each report. Besides monitoring activity on the server, Reporting Services provides several methods that you can implement to proactively manage the resources on your server. You can use timeout settings to stop queries or report executions that
1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: You cannot publish programs under Computer Configuration; you can only assign them. B. Correct: Publishing a Windows Installer package under the User Configuration node of Group Policy causes the package to be available to users from within Control Panel. Additionally, if they attempt to open a document that is associated with the program, Windows Vista will automatically install the package, so the user can open the document. C. Incorrect: Assigning programs automatically installs them, which would inconvenience users connected using a low-bandwidth connection. D. Incorrect: Assigning programs automatically installs them, which would inconvenience users connected using a low-bandwidth connection. 2. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: The FC tool compares two files. It does not install Windows Installer packages. B. Incorrect: RACAgent is a scheduled task that collects data for Reliability Monitor. You cannot use it to install Windows Installer packages. C. Incorrect: WUAgent is the Windows Update Agent, which retrieves updates from Microsoft or from a WSUS server. You cannot use it to install a Windows Installer package from a script. D. Correct: You can use MSIExec to install Windows Installer packages without prompting the user.
7. Once the SCC has completed scanning the computer, the Filter button in the lower-left corner is activated and can be used to filter the output to Show All Actions, Show Errors, Show Successful Actions, or Show Warnings in the window. You can only view the actions that are relevant, for example if there are no errors the Show Errors option is not activated. Correspondingly, the Report button in the lower-right corner can be used to view a report in a report format, save the report to a file, copy the report to the Clipboard, or send the report as e-mail. Once SCC completes the configuration check, click Next to continue with the setup. Note
Edits an existing user or group entry. Select the user or group whose permissions you want to modify, and then click Edit. The Permissions Entry For dialog box shown in Figure 21-22 is displayed. Removes an existing user or group entry. Select the user or group whose permissions you want to remove, and then click Remove.
Under COM+ 1.5, you can make such components private to the application they belong to simply by selecting the Mark Component Private To Application check box on the Activation tab of the component s Properties window. (See the right portion of Figure 31-5.) You can also make a component private by means of the PrivateCompo nent attribute:
4. From the Certificates listing, choose the certificate whose private key you wish to recover and click the Show KRA button. 5. In the Key Recovery Agents Used for Archival dialog box (see Figure 14-4), record the details for the designated key recovery agent(s) and click OK.
The WMI provider for server events manages a WMI namespace for each instance of SQL Server 2005. The namespace has the \.\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ServerEvents\instance_name format, with the default SQL Server 2005 instance using the MSSQLSERVER instance name. There are two categories of events that make up the
1. On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Other Views, and then click Task
Once installation completes, you access the Resource Kit tools through the Resource Kit Tools Help. Click Start, point to Programs or All Programs as appropriate, click Windows Resource Kit Tools, and then select Windows Resource Kit Tools Help. As with Support Tools, Resource Kit tools are organized alphabetically by file name and by category. Clicking a tool name accesses a help page that displays the online help documentation for the tool. The tool help page also has a link for running the tool. Note
TRUNCATE TABLE sp_tablepages; INSERT INTO sp_tablepages EXEC ('DBCC IND (AdventureWorks2008, smallrows, -1)' SELECT PageFID, PagePID FROM sp_tablepages WHERE PageType = 1; Results: PageFID PagePID ------- ----------1 4536 DBCC TRACEON(3604); GO DBCC PAGE(AdventureWorks2008, 1, 4536,1);
ADO.NET in Disconnected Mode
If you are using Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, when you de ne a Microsoft SQL Server database connection for the entity wizard, you connect directly to the SQL Server database le. Visual C# 2008 Express Edition starts its own instance of SQL Server Express, called a user instance for accessing the database. The user instance runs using the credentials of the user executing the application. If you are using Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, you must detach the database from the SQL Server Express default instance because it will not allow a user instance to connect to a database that it is currently using. The following procedure describes how to perform this task.
In this section and the next, you will continue to focus on resource allocation how the task assignments you have made affect the workloads of the work resources of the project. In this section, you will manually edit an assignment to resolve a resource overallocation. In the next section, you will automatically resolve resource overallocations. Editing an assignment manually is just one way to resolve a resource overallocation. Other solutions include the following:
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