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Resource Type
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Creating Data Sources and Data Views For surveys, click the Questions tab, which looks and works almost the same. In the following instructions, just think question whenever you read the word field. To change the fields assigned to the list or library, use the following buttons.
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button. Word displays the document s hierarchical structure, and the Outlining tab appears on the ribbon.
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You may have been wondering why the cube contains the Date dimension as well as the three role-playing date dimensions . The name of the measure group column,
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Some list fields are read-only in Access Members don t receive Team Site alerts Anonymous options Enter Web Site and Lists and Libraries are dimmed Stsadm.exe doesn t recognize DNS names Use Check In/Check Out rather than synchronization A Custom Link Bar isn t a link bar The XML file, server-side script, or XML Web service data source appears empty Explorer view for Document Libraries is blank Behaviors affecting one element disappear when you configure another Keep track of language packs Windows Server 2003 doesn t support SQL Server 2000 SharePoint Services tab is empty Be cautious in choosing themes Installed Web Part doesn t appear on the New Web Parts page Web Part Zones and Web Parts needn t be 1:1 Setting the insertion point inside a Web Part Zone can be tricky
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Menus and Dialog Boxes
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One last note: by default, keys are compared in a case-sensitive way, so Joe, JOE, and joe are considered distinct keys. You can create case-insensitive instances of the Hashtable class through one of its many constructors, or you can use the CreateCaseInsen sitiveHashtable shared method of the System.Collections.Specialized.CollectionsUtil, as follows:
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In spite of the potential that Visual Basic has now in areas such as component and Internet programming, I expect that many developers will continue to use the language to create standard Win32 applications. The .NET Framework offers a lot of features in this area and lets you create applications with a rich user interface without the annoy ances and limitations of previous language versions. To qualify as a Visual Basic 6 userinterface wiz, you had to learn a lot of tricks and advanced techniques, such as tons of Windows API calls and subclassing. Now you need only to correctly use the classes and methods defined in the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
You can assign outline levels (1 through 5) to paragraphs by indenting the paragraph. An icon appears to the left of each paragraph when you point to the paragraph. You can select all the content within the level headed by the paragraph by clicking the icon, and you can collapse or expand the content within the level by double-clicking the icon. You can also hide levels, which gives you the equivalent of an outline view. To change the paragraph indentation for the purpose of assigning an outline level: 1. Click to place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph, or drag to select multiple paragraphs. 2. Press the Tab key to increase the level, or press the Backspace key or Shift+Tab to decrease the level. To select all text of a specific outline level within a note:
Project adjusts the chart portion of the Gantt Chart view to display the selected tasks.
ACT 5.0 is included on the companion CD in the Software\ACT folder. You can also download ACT from the Microsoft Download Center. To locate the ACT download page, go to http://download.microsoft.com and search for Application Compatibility Toolkit. If you want to learn more about how to use the ACT, you can perform the ACT virtual lab in the Suggested Practices section at the end of this chapter.
Tip For advanced instructions on printing views, see 15.
As you can see, creating a partitioned index can be a little confusing given the multiple use of the ON qualifier. As discussed, with respect to creating tables, the creation of the index is the easy part after the partition function and partition scheme have been created.
The Control class exposes the Capture property, which is therefore inherited by the Form object and all the controls. When you assign True to this property, the control is said to capture the mouse. From this point on, the control receives all the mouse noti fications and events including MouseMove, MouseDown, MouseUp, and MouseWheel even if the cursor moves outside the control s client area. The mouse capture is released when you reset the Capture property to False or when the user clicks one of the mouse buttons.
Functional Requirements
Install updates automatically during setup Using scripting, you can install updates auto-
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