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Planning for Windows Server 2003
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Additional page templates are available from Microsoft Office Online. Tip You can t apply a template from the Templates task pane to an existing page, but you can apply a background color or create your own page template. For more information, see the Formatting Notes, Pages, and Sections section of Entering Content Directly onto a Page in 20, Create and Organize Notes.
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On the File menu, click Exit.
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Part VI
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Figure 16-2 The SQL ServerLogin New utility.
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power. Large L3 caches can help alleviate part of the problem, but this is only a limited solution. NUMA is the scalable solution of choice. SQL Server 2008 has been designed to take advantage of NUMA-based computers without requiring any application changes. Keep in mind that the NUMA memory nodes depend completely on the hardware NUMA con guration. If you de ne your own soft-NUMA, as discussed earlier, you will not affect the number of NUMA memory nodes. So, for example, if you have an SMP computer with eight CPUs and you create four soft-NUMA nodes with two CPUs each, you have only one MEMORY node serving all four NUMA nodes. Soft-NUMA does not provide memory to CPU af nity. However, there is a network I/O thread and a lazywriter thread for each NUMA node, either hard or soft. The principal reason for using soft-NUMA is to reduce I/O and lazywriter bottlenecks on computers with many CPUs and no hardware NUMA. For instance, on a computer with eight CPUs and no hardware NUMA, you have one I/O thread and one lazywriter thread that could be a bottleneck. Con guring four soft-NUMA nodes provides four I/O threads and four lazywriter threads, which could de nitely help performance. If you have multiple NUMA memory nodes, SQL Server divides the total target memory evenly among all the nodes. So if you have 10 GB of physical memory and four NUMA nodes and SQL Server determines a 10-GB target memory value, all nodes eventually allocate and use 2.5 GB of memory as if it were their own. In fact, if one of the nodes has less memory than another, it must use memory from another one to reach its 2.5-GB allocation. This memory is called foreign memory. Foreign memory is considered local, so if SQL Server has readjusted its target memory and each node needs to release some, no attempt will be made to free up foreign pages rst. In addition, if SQL Server has been con gured to run on a subset of the available NUMA nodes, the target memory will not be limited automatically to the memory on those nodes. You must set the Max Server Memory value to limit the amount of memory. In general, the NUMA nodes function largely independently of each other, but that is not always the case. For example, if a worker running on a node N1 needs to access a database page that is already in node N2 s memory, it does so by accessing N2 s memory, which is called nonlocal memory. Note that nonlocal is not the same as foreign memory.
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will be updated and published on the Web site.
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Figure 5-6
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The Conditional attribute, which I described in 6, is an example of an attribute that supports multiple instances and is also an example of an attribute that s inherited by derived classes. If the Conditional attribute class were implemented in Visual Basic, its source code would be more or less as follows:
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The advantage of custom controls lies in deployment. Each custom control (or, if you choose, each logical group of custom controls) has its own DLL, and at your option you can install this once per physical server or once per virtual Web server. This is the model that Web Parts use. All Web Parts are, in fact, ASP.NET custom controls. In practice, laying out page elements with no WYSIWYG editor and writing program code that emits HTML aren t the grueling tasks you might expect. The reason is that the output of most Web Parts is fairly simple. Many page elements such as the top navigation bar, the page banner, any toolbars, and any link areas are part of the Web Part Page or of other Web Parts. Any Web Parts you create need only display their specific data, and they inherit styles from the site s theme.
3. Double-click the destination to open the OLE DB Destination Editor, select a connection to a data source to which you want to send the error rows (or click New to create a new connection), select a data access mode, and provide a table name or applicable property value based on the selected data access mode. For this example, select DestinationConnectionOLEDB in the OLE DB Connection Manager dropdown list. 4. Click New to create and execute a script for a new table. You can modify this script by changing the default name or by changing column names. The script is generated from the metadata associated with the input to the destination. Click OK to return to the OLE DB Destination Editor, as shown in Figure 21-16. To continue this example, replace [OLE DB Destination] with [DepartmentErrors]. When you use the fast load option, you can set options such as keeping identity values from the source data, keep null values, lock the table for loading, check constraints during the load, and specify batch sizes. 5. Click Mappings in the left pane of the dialog box to display the column mappings between the input columns and the output columns used to send data to the destination. Click OK.
Examples of Stress Conditions
Function GetTotalItems() As Integer For Each il As InvoiceLine In Me.List GetTotalItems += il.Qty Next End Function
Dim url As String = tcp://localhost:50000/calculator.rem"
Getting Started
members, to Carole s Poland s row so that the task start date is Tuesday, August 7. Project schedules and reassigns the task.
Building a Database
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