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RID Master
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
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A Back-End Data Store
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When READ_ONLY is enabled for database, the is_read_only column returns 1; otherwise, for a READ_WRITE database, it returns 0.
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because of the code in the Employee class.
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Dim fontFamilies() As FontFamily = FontFamily.GetFamilies(gr)
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Click the Apply button. Now any reports or subscriptions that use this shared data source will be suspended. Click the Execution Log Reports link, and then click the Product Profitability Filter report link.
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A connection manager is an Integration Services object that contains the information required to create a physical connection to data stores and the metadata describing the structure of the data. In the case of a flat file, a connection manager contains the file path, file name, and metadata identifying rows and columns. A connection manager for a relational data source contains the name of the server, the name of the database, and the credentials for authenticating access to the data. Connection managers are the bridge between package objects and physical data structures, used by tasks that require a connection (such as the Execute SQL Task), by data adapters that define sources and destinations, and by transformations that perform lookups to a reference table. To add and configure an OLE DB connection manager, follow these steps: 1. To follow this example, you must complete the steps described in the previous sections, beginning with Starting an Integration Services Project. Right-click the Connections Manager tray at the bottom of the Control Flow, Data Flow, or Event Handlers tab of the package designer, and click New OLE DB Connection. 2. Select a defined connection in the Configure OLE DB Connection Manager dialog box, or click New to define a new connection in the Connection Manager dialog box. For this example, click New.
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For the revised forecast, you would like the value of Bikes to be $2,500,000 . Because Bikes is an aggregate value, Analysis Services will allocate the $2,500,000 across the three Bike subcategories . 10. Execute Statement 7, Statement 8, and Statement 9 . You must execute these statements one at a time . 11. Now execute a query to confirm that the data was updated correctly . Execute Statement 10 . You can see that the UPDATE CUBE statement equally allocated the $2,500,000 across the three subcategories . 12. Click the Save All button and close BIDS . Close SQL Server Management Studio . In this chapter, you have learned how to enable the interactive functionality of Analysis Services . You created URL, drillthrough, and reporting actions . You then learned how to enable dimension and cube writeback and how to add and modify dimension members and measure values . In the next chapter, you will learn more about creating MDX queries and how to create reports using the Excel 2007 PivotTable feature and Reporting Services .
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Keyboard Shortcut Press Ctrl+F1 to minimize or expand the ribbon. Clicking the Help button at the right end of the ribbon displays the program-specific
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CMMI Performance Testing Activity Flow
Note SHA1 provides a 160-bit hash, which is longer than the 128-bit hash created by the Message Digest 5 (MD5) hash algorithm. SHA1 is preferred over MD5 because its hash algorithm is considered stronger.
The Draw method contains another for loop that draws each of the tomatoes in turn. Figure 12-6 shows the display produced with your 20 tomatoes along the top.
Indexes: Internals and Management
How to Configure BitLocker Partitions
27. Press F5 to run the application. The result is shown here:
An application compiled under version 1.1 will work under version 1.0 of the .NET Framework only if it never uses a feature (a type, a property, a method, and so on) that was introduced in the newer version. Before you claim that an application built with Visual Studio .NET 2003 will run smoothly under version 1.0 of the .NET Framework, you should thoroughly test it on a machine that only has version 1.0 installed. As you have seen, there is a lot of work to do and a lot of XML text to write to have an application run on multiple versions of the .NET Framework. Now let me tell you the good news: Visual Studio .NET 2003 can create these configuration files for you. You only have to bring up the Build page of the Project Properties window and click on the Change button. In the dialog box that appears, you can select which version of the .NET Framework the application should run. (See Figure 13-10.) When you close this window, an App.Config file is added to the solution. This file is then automatically renamed appro priately and copied in the output directory when you compile the project. If you have both versions of the .NET Framework installed on your machine, you can select the option Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 (advanced) to see how your applica tion behaves on systems that only have the first version of the runtime installed. Now when you run the application you ll see in the Debug window that the runtime is loading version 1.0.3705 of all the .NET assemblies. You can also programmatically test which version of the .NET Framework your code is running under by invoking the GetSystemVersion method of the System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment class:
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A Custom Serialization Example
A difference among the reasons listed, however, is that a computer theft or loss can means the user s private key is compromised and, therefore, the certificate associated with the private key should be revoked. There is no reason to revoke the certificate for the other reasons in this list because the user s private key is not compromised.
Mirror will be offline. Principal will start queuing log records. Be aware that transaction log on the principal may fill up. Consider breaking the mirror to avoid this problem.
I t is com m on t o need t o aggregat e dat a by y ear and m ont h. This sect ion prov ides four code sam ples t hat dem onst rat e how t o do it . I n part icular , t he scr ipt t ackles
In this section, I ll explore the DataReader object in more detail and explain how you can perform common and less common tasks for example, retrieving large text or binary fields from a database.
Once you have analyzed the monitoring and log data, you are ready to postulate a theory about the cause of the problem. This might sound more complicated than it actually is. Formulating a hypothesis is as simple as formulating a theory and documenting it. If you don t document the hypothesis, it can be easy to stray from proper testing of this hypothesis. The goal is to determine what the problem is; components of this step include the following:
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