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To see what mode your database is in, you can inspect the sys.databases view. For example, this query returns the recovery mode and the state of the AdventureWorks2008 database:
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Important This section does not use practice files or include hands-on activities for you to perform. We do not assume that you have access to both Project Professional and SharePoint as we illustrate them here. Instead, we present an illustrated narrative of how these products can be used together. If you do have access to both Project Professional and SharePoint, feel free to experiment with the kinds of activities illustrated here.
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Part II: End-User Features and Experience
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Select the partition to use Any existing partitions are displayed. You can then select which partition to install on and press Enter to begin installation, or you can press the L key to delete a partition and create a new partition. If you delete the active partition, Setup asks you to confirm: It will then display the partition information again, requiring you to press L to actually delete the partition. You are then returned to the screen displaying the existing drives and available partition space.
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Because we have only two game objects the bread and the cheese it seems like overkill to create a set of sprite objects. So we can just use textures and rectangles:
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Note If you are working on the server you want to configure, you don t have to type the server name or IP address. After you set up a DNS server, you should configure the server s TCP/IP settings so that the server attempts to resolve its own DNS queries. You do this by setting the server s primary DNS server address to its own IP address. In Control Panel, access Network Connections, and then select or double-click the primary network connection. In the Status dialog box, click Properties. In the Properties dialog box, open the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box by double-clicking Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Select the Use The Following DNS Server Address. For Preferred DNS Server, type the computer s own IP address. Set an alternate DNS server as necessary. When you re finished, click OK. You can also set the preferred DNS server IP address from the command line. Type the following command:
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FAT A file system used with DOS and some
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The Timer control is the server counterpart of a client timer created using the window.setTimeout method. In the preceding code, the Timer control causes a postback every second as specified by the Interval property. The postback fires the Tick event. By using the timer as the trigger of an updatable panel, you can refresh the content of the panel periodically. In the code, the second UpdatePanel control just renders out a digital clock:
Tip If you have several EntitySet<TEntity> properties, you can call the LoadWith method of the
Managing Content
the type of sourceObj.
Like som e of t he ot her aggregat e funct ions, t he COUNT funct ion has m ult iple for m s. For exam ple, COUNT(*) ret ur ns t he num ber of values in a row source, including null and duplicat e values. The WHERE clause can const rain t he range of rows ov er which COUNT(*) com put es a r esult . I n t he next sam ple, t he r ow source includes all cust om ers fr om a count ry st art ing w it h t he let t er B or C. Because t he Cust om ers t able in t he Nort hwind dat abase has a pr im ary key, t he r ow s are all unique. This SELECT st at em ent ret ur ns a scalar value of 14, w hich is t he num ber of rows in t he Cust om er s t able m eet ing t he cr it er ion expr ession in t he WHERE clause. Not ice t hat like an earlier sam ple in t his chapt er , t his code lim it s count ries t o t hose st art ing w it h t he let t er B or C but does so using LEFT and I N rat her t han SUBSTRI NG. You can use eit her m et hod, but t his one requir es a lit t le less t yping. --CountRows --Count all rows meeting a criterion. SELECT Count(*) FROM Customers WHERE LEFT(Country,1) IN ( B , C ) You can use t he COUNT funct ion t o r et ur n j ust t he num ber of non- null v alues wit hin a colum n by replacing t he ast er isk w it h t he nam e of a specific colum n. Any rows w it h null values for a specific colum n in t he row source for t he quer y w on t be t allied as part of t he ret ur n value for t he COUNT funct ion. Changing t he ast erisk t o a specific colum n nam e Count ry won t change t he result in t he prev ious sam ple because t here aren t any null v alues in t he Count ry colum n. But you can change t he r esult by using t he DI STI NCT k eyw ord as a pr edicat e t o t he specific colum n. Posit ion t he k ey word inside t he par ent heses t railing t he funct ion. The follow ing scr ipt illust rat es t his synt ax. The query st at em ent r et ur ns t he value 3 because t her e are only t hree dist inct count r ies in t he Cust om ers t able st art ing wit h t he let t er B or C Belgium , Brazil, and Canada. --CountIncidences --Count distinct incidences. SELECT Count(DISTINCT Country) FROM Customers WHERE LEFT(Country,1) IN ( B , C )
Negative Exponential Distribution
Developing Basic Reports
Inserting One Document into Another
Backup Compression
Finding Your Best Starting Point
Dim cn As New OleDbConnection( Provider=SQLOLEDB; _ & Data Source=MyServer;Integrated Security=SSPI;OLE DB Services=-4 )
menu, point to Highlight Cells Rules, and then click Less Than. The Less Than dialog box opens.
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