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Use AdventureWorks; BEGIN TRAN UPDATE test1 SET col1=999 WHERE col1=1; COMMIT;
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Working with Account Intelligence
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Specifying the Location of the WMSDE Database
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Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
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The parameters for the CompareTo and Equals methods must match the type speci ed in the interface, IComparable<Circle>. In general, it is preferable to implement the System.IComparable<T> interface rather than the System.IComparable interface. You can also implement both just as many of the types in the .NET Framework do.
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Many people use BitLocker purely to protect Windows Vista from Windows XP If you dual-boot . between Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows XP will erase the Windows Vista restore points and shadow copies. However, if you enable BitLocker for the Windows Vista partition (even if you then disable the security features), Windows XP won t touch the Windows Vista partition.
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class Vehicle { ... public virtual void Drive() { Console.WriteLine( Default implementation of the Drive method ); } }
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The Create Named Query dialog box looks like this:
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time-out value is 8 seconds. If you specify 0 seconds, the connection attempt will continue indefinitely. b To run the script commands as a batch, use the b argument. If any single command fails that is not handled as an exception in the script, the entire transaction is rolled back. On the other hand, if the exception handling in your script results in a normal return from the Main method, the transaction is committed. v variable_key=variable_value Pass a value to a global variable in your script using this argument. No spaces are allowed between the equal operator and the operands variable_key and variable_value. If you have multiple variables, precede each key/value pair with the v flag. Even though you use the global variable in expressions in your script, the global variable is not declared in the script. t Enable tracing for the execution of the script to update the trace logs should any error messages result. This optional argument is useful when you are running unattended scripts When you execute the rs utility, the utility automatically locates the WSDL document for the Reporting Services Web service on the specified server and creates a proxy class called rs. This proxy class serves as the interface that you use in your script to access Web service methods and properties. The rs utility also gives you access to four namespaces in the .NET Framework System, Sytem.IO, System.Xml, and System.Web.Services that are not declared in the script.
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Edit" CommandName="Edit" />
Part 2: Windows Server 2003 Installation
Figure 15-29
Authoring Reports
The program that you ve written works fine, but it s not as efficient as it could be. There s an additional feature of C# that you can use to improve it. The C# language provides a keyword called break that you can use to abandon the execution of a loop. When you re searching through oldKeys to see if it contains a key that is currently pressed, as soon as you find a match, there s no need look any further. You can use the break keyword to break out of the search loop, as shown in bold type here:
Header And Footer
The report model on which Report Builder depends is created using the Model Designer interface. You begin development of the report model by specifying a data source and specifying which tables and their relationships to use from that data source. Then you use a wizard to generate a report model, which will become the business description of the underlying data. You can make changes to the names of objects generated in the model, rearrange and organize these objects to simplify the users navigation in the model, and remove unneeded objects. You learn about Report Builder in 8, Building Report Models.
the Debug attribute, ASP.NET doesn t delete the temporary class file used to generate the page assembly. This file is available on the Web server for you to peruse and investigate. The file is located under the Windows folder at the following path: Microsoft.NET\Framework\[version]\Temporary ASP.NET Files. Debug mode is important for testing applications and diagnosing their problems. Note, though, that running applications in debug mode has a significant performance overhead. You should make sure that an application has debugging disabled before deploying it on a production server. In ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010, web.config transformations make these and other changes quite easy to achieve. In 2, ASP.NET and IIS, you saw how to remove the Debug attribute with a web.config transformation.
Designed to make stateful applications also possible on a browser that does not support cookies or on one that does not have cookies enabled, cookieless sessions are not free of issues. First, they cause a redirect when the session starts and whenever the user follows an absolute URL from within an application s page. When cookies are used, you can clear the address bar, go to another application, and then return to the previous one and retrieve the same session values. If you do this when session cookies are disabled, the session data is lost. This feature is not problematic for postbacks,
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