Docking the Properties window in c sharp

Generating QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in c sharp Docking the Properties window

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When working in StateServer mode, the entire content of the HttpSessionState object is serialized to an external application a Windows service named aspnet_state.exe. The service is called to serialize the session state when the request completes. The service internally stores each session state as an array of bytes. When a new request begins processing, the array corresponding to the given session ID is copied into a memory stream and then deserialized into an internal session state item object. This object really represents the contents of the whole session. The HttpSessionState object that pages actually work with is only its application interface. As mentioned, nonbasic types are serialized and deserialized using the system s binary formatter class, which can handle only classes explicitly marked to be serializable. This means that COM objects, either programmatically created or declared as static objects with a session scope in global.asax, can t be used with an out-of-process state provider. The same limitation applies to any nonserializable object.
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You can achieve the same effect in a more generic way using the trigger function:
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Applying Data Security
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User-De ned Data Types
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three columns that you just created should appear, as shown in Figure 8-8.
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Adding Expressions
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Using Organizational Units (OUs)
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User Object Attribute
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this.stopMachinery -= folder.StopFolding;
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
When working with COM Interop assemblies, you might bump into the following problem. Let s say that you create an interop assembly for the Microsoft Word type library, and you sign it to obtain a strong name assembly. As a consequence, all the objects in this assembly have an identity that depends on your assembly s name and version and your publisher key. Let s further suppose that your program interacts with another .NET application that uses Word via COM Interop and that has been authored by another company. Here s the problem: If the other company has created another interop assembly for Word and has signed it with their public key, their Word objects and your Word objects have different identities. For example, if a method in the other application returns a Word.Document object, your code throws a type mismatch exception when it attempts to store the return value to a Word.Document variable. Microsoft has anticipated this problem and has introduced the concept of Primary Interop Assembly (PIA). A PIA is the official interop assembly for a COM component.
Re-sort the new, larger array.
The Page class fires a few events that are notified during the page life cycle. As Table 5-14 shows, some events are orthogonal to the typical life cycle of a page (initialization, postback,
Building Advanced Reports Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title
Field or tab
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