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Key Console Tools and Their .msc File Names
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A Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, or Ultimate computer named Vista1. A Windows XP Professional computer named Xpclient.
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Dim dtPub As DataTable = ds.Tables( Publishers )
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rotational latency
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Figure 31-2 Sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats query output.
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Additional Information
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Important The server name will not be validated in this step. If you enter an incorrect server name, deployment fails. You can update the project properties in the Solution Explorer if this occurs. You ll learn how to do this in 8.
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The class that exposes the methods of the Web service usually inherits from the Sys tem.Web.Services.WebService class, even though this isn t a requirement because the presence of the WebMethod attribute is enough to make one or more methods of the class callable by remote clients. In practice, however, you always build a Web service class that inherits from the WebService base class because this arrangement lets you access the ASP.NET context and other useful objects, such as Application and Session variables.
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In light of this, you would need code like that shown here:
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19. Type Know your customers, press Enter, and then type Know the current trends. 20. Press Ctrl+Enter.
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Product Licensing
The parameters for the CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION are as follows:
<A HREF=" SUBJECT=Info request"> Click here to request additional info</A>
Export the Exchange KMS Database
The Grand Total now appears as the sum of Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and Touring Bikes. It s as if the other Subcategories don t exist, and no one at least no one who is viewing the cube as a member of the All Users role has access to the information necessary to figure out all product sales.
I described how delegates work in 6, but I intentionally left out a few details that are related to asynchronous use of delegates. In this section, I ll show how you can use advanced features of delegates to call a method asynchronously. Let s start by defining a method that could take a significant amount of time to complete and therefore is a good candidate for an asynchronous call:
The Merge Agent
Word saves the My Announcement document in the 02 practice file folder. You now have two versions of the document saved with the same name but in different folders. CLEAN UP At the right end of the title bar, click the Close button (the X) to close the My Announcement document. Leave Document1 open for use in the next exercise.
16 The HTTP Request Context
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