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1. False. The font information is concerned with the shape of the characters. You decide the color of the text only when you use the font to draw the text on your output device. 2. False. You can incorporate as many fonts as you like in a Microsoft XNA game. You just need to remember that each additional font uses up space in the memory and make the game program larger. 3. False. The Content Manager is told which fonts are required. It then reads the font information and makes each requested font part of your game in a way that makes it possible for you to use the font. 4. True. This is exactly what a resource is. The resource itself is fetched only when the program is being created. 5. False. Nice thought, though. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is widely used in computing to allow two different programs to share information. An XML file contains the names of settings (for example, <size>) and the values that these should have (for example, 100).
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When you apply all the rules for IP addresses, you find that many IP addresses cannot be used by hosts on a network. This means the first available host ID and last available host ID are different from the range of available IP addresses. Table 24-2 shows how these rules apply to classful networks. On a nonclassful network, the same rules apply you lose the first and last available host ID from the range of available IP addresses.
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It s very easy to set up a terminal server. What isn t so easy is getting the infrastructure right before you do so and maintaining the installation once it s in place. Before you install Terminal Services, it is essential to plan the environment and to deploy Terminal Services before you install applications on the terminal server. Once you deploy Terminal Services, you will configure the environment, install applications, and make those applications available to remote users. The new features for the Remote Desktop Connection client were discussed in the section entitled New Features for the Remote Desktop Connection Client on page 1024. For Windows Server 2003, there are many standard features and enhancements as well. The administration tools for Terminal Services include the following:
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1. To the network storage 2. USMT 3.0 3. USMT 3.0
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One problem that the Visual Basic 6 compiler copes with is that the ReDim statement can change the number of dimensions in the array; this feature keeps the compiler from producing the most efficient code possible because it must always check how many dimensions an array has before accessing its elements. To let the compiler produce more efficient code, Visual Basic .NET introduces the con cept of rank, that is, the number of dimensions in an array. New syntax rules dictate that ReDim can change the number of elements in an array but can t change the rank of the array itself. You indicate the rank of an array in a Dim statement by inserting the appropriate number of commas inside the parentheses:
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You configure the normal queue so that it can be used for all routine print jobs. You configure the priority queue so that it is used for all urgent print jobs. Because the priority queue has a higher priority than the normal queue, any documents printed to the priority queue are printed before and preempt documents in the normal queue. To ensure the priority queue isn t abused, you might want to restrict access to those groups or individuals that actually have priority printing needs on a printer. You configure the normal queue so that it can be used any time for all routine print jobs. You configure the bulk print queue so that it is used for large documents and only after hours or during
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Data Partitioning
Advanced Design
The new method is created with the private quali er, which is described in 7. The body of the method currently just throws a NotImplementedException. (Exceptions are described in 6.) You will replace the body with your own code in the next step. 3. Delete the throw new NotImplementedException(); statement from the readDouble method, and replace it with the following lines of code:
Working with a Finance Measure Group
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More Service Programming Techniques
Analysis Services uses MDX to query its OLAP database. An MDX query is similar to a SQL query in that it has a SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clause. However, where SQL is designed to deal with only a two-dimensional structure of rows and columns, MDX is designed to deal with the multidimensional OLAP structure. Because of its structural differences from SQL, you can add an MDX query to a dataset using either the Generic Query Designer or the MDX Query Builder graphical user interface (GUI). If you re new to OLAP, MDX queries can seem pretty daunting to construct, but with lots of practice, you ll be rewarded with access to a rich and powerful source of data for reporting. A more complete explanation of MDX is beyond the scope of this book, but you can start learning more about this subject using SQL Server Books Online. The easiest way to build an OLAP report is to use the MDX Query Builder to create datasets. You can drag and drop OLAP attributes and measures to define what OLAP objects should be included in the MDX SELECT statement and which objects should be included in the MDX WHERE clause. The data source used specifies the information for the From statement. In this procedure, you ll use the MDX Query Builder to create an Analysis Services data source and datasets for the Year Over Year Sales report. Build an Analysis Services Data Source and Dataset 1. Right-click the Reports folder in the project My Adventure Works, point to Add, and then click Existing Item to add the Year over Year Sales.rdl saved in the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Microsoft Press\rs2005sbs\chap07 folder.
Table 37-5.
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