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Now whenever you use the shortcut, Run As will start automatically using the specified user account and all you need to provide is a password.
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Creating Web Parts with Visual Studio .NET
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Key Points
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End-user Response Times
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Tip The beauty of the Navigation task pane is that you can continue editing your document as you normally would, without closing the pane.
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Figure 16-4.
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Comprehensive Performance Analysis and Logging
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Events of the Login Control
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The words CSAK and l now sort after cukor and Opera. This is because in the Hungarian alphabet, CS and are letters on their own. You can also see that in this CI_AI collation, all four forms of r sum have the same rank.
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Mountain-500 Black, 40 Mountain-500 Black, 44 Mountain-500 Black, 48 Mountain-500 Silver, 40 Mountain-500 Silver, 44 Mountain-500 Silver, 48 Road-750 Black, 44 Road-750 Black, 48 Hitch Rack
The Newsprint colors replace the Trek colors, but nothing else in the document changes.
Configuring Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on the Network
Now that the program has stopped, you can take a look at the values of the variables and see what s gone wrong. This is very easy to do; just rest the mouse pointer over the identifier of the variable in the code that you re interested in. A box will pop up and tell you the value in that variable, as shown in Figure 10-9, where I placed the cursor over the fraction variable.
Notice that the FileToBlob procedure works only with database tables whose primary key consists of a single column. Here s how you use it to read the c:\mylogo.bmp file and store its contents in the logo field of the pub_info table, for the record whose pub_id primary key is equal to 0877 :
( HAP T E R S I X How Much 10 Worry ~boul Securily
Warning The technical security control section should only provide highlevel information to the reader and not serve as a guide to an attacker regarding potential weaknesses in the CA s configuration. For example, is it safe to disclose that the CA s key pair is stored on a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Level 3 HSM It is not safe to describe the CA s management team members or provide specific vendor information about the HSM.
Publishing Shares in Active Directory
advantage of the performance. In addition, you might want to move data from one table to another. Archiving and moving partitions involve the same mechanism and are covered together. There are many reasons that you might want to move partitions. In many cases, applications have a built-in mechanism for looking for data in current and archive data tables. By using partitioning, the process of moving data into archive tables is simplified. Moving partitions is done by using the ALTER TABLE statement. The relevant portion of the ALTER TABLE statement is shown here:
Add the following code for the Suits property. The Suits property is an array of Suit enumeration values. At design-time, the development environment will be able to examine the type of the array and provide a collection editor for entering the values. You will define the MakeDeck method in the next section. Whenever the suits in the deck are changed, a new set of cards is created. 2. Visual Basic 3. Dim m_suits() As Suit = {Suit.Clubs, Suit.Diamonds, Suit.Hearts, _ 4. Suit.Spades} 5. <Category("Game"), Description("The suits in the deck.")> _ 6. Public Property Suits() As Suit() 7. Get 8. Return m_suits 9. End Get 10. Set(ByVal Value As Suit()) 11. m_suits = Value 12. Me.MakeDeck() 13. End Set 14. End Property 15. 16. // Visual C# 17. private Suit[] m_suits = {Suit.Clubs, Suit.Diamonds, Suit.Hearts, 18. Suit.Spades}; 19. [Category("Game")] 20. [Description("The suits in the deck.")] 21. public Suit[] Suits { 22. get { return m_suits; } 23. set { 24. m_suits = value; 25. this.MakeDeck(); 26. } 27. } 28. Add the following code for the FaceValues property. Like the code you added for the Suits property, this code is an array of enumeration values. 29. Visual Basic 30. Dim m_faceValues() As FaceValue = {FaceValue.Ace, FaceValu e.Two, _ 31. 32. 33. FaceValue.Three, FaceValue.Four, FaceValue.Five, FaceValu e.Six, _ FaceValue.Seven, FaceValue.Eight, FaceValue.Nine, FaceVal ue.Ten, _ FaceValue.Jack, FaceValue.Queen, FaceValue.King}
Close Query Analyzer. In Enterprise Manager, right-click the Data Transformation Services folder, and then click Open Package. Open the RSExecutionLog_Update.dts file in the C:\rs2000sbs\chap10 folder.
Monitoring and Tuning SQL Server
Your computer s system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. This device is requesting a PCI interrupt but is configured for an ISA interrupt (or vice versa).
Sub TestSynchronizationProblem() Create ten secondary threads. For i As Integer = 0 To 9 Dim t As New Thread(AddressOf DoTheTask3) Let s cheat a little to pass a value to this thread. t.Name = i.ToString t.Start() Next End Sub Sub DoTheTask3() Print a lot of information to the console window. For i As Integer = 1 To 1000 Split the output line in two pieces. Console.Write( ) Console.Write(Thread.CurrentThread.Name) Next End Sub
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