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Part IV:
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As I ve shown you before, the proxy class exposes a Beginxxxx and Endxxxx pair of methods for each procedure in the Web service component marked with the WebMethod attribute. You can use these two methods for calling the Web service asynchronously.
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Part VII:
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Changing Program Settings
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Part II: End-User Features and Experience
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List items in a specified folder
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Dim s As String * 30 *** Invalid under Visual Basic .NET
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click Insert.
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ASP.NET and the Browser Cache
Assem blies and t heir m anifest s are an excit ing innovat ion int roduced w it h t he .NET Fr am ew ork. They are excit ing because t hey can clear ly elim inat e m any opport unit ies for .dll conflict s popular ly referr ed t o as dll hell. A .dll conflict can em erge w hen a user inst alls a new applicat ion t hat wr it es over an ex ist ing .dll file wit h a new version t hat isn t fully backward com pat ible. I f anot her, prev iously inst alled, applicat ion relies on a t ype m em ber t hat is changed or elim inat ed in t he new .dll, t he pr ev iously inst alled applicat ion w ill fail. Assem blies and m anifest s offer a couple of workarounds t o t his pr oblem for solut ions based on COM com ponent s. A .NET Fram ework solut ion ex ist s as an assem bly of one or m ore files. These files can include t he MSI L as well as ot her r esources, such as im age files or ot her docum ent files t hat a solut ion references. An assem bly m ust include a m anifest , which cont ains m et adat a about t he assem bly. This m et adat a describes t he files in t he assem bly . I n t he case of a single- file assem bly, t he m anifest r esides wit hin t he solut ion s .dll file, but ot herwise an assem bly s m anifest r esides in a separat e file. A solut ion s assem bly can consist of up t o four t ypes of elem ent s. The assem bly s m anifest The MSI L code for t he solut ion The t ype m et adat a for t he MSI L code Resource files r equir ed by t he solut ion
The summary of the security translation is shown next. Check the information before you click Finish to perform the translation. If you are running in Test mode, verify that the line Changes Will Not Be Written is present, which indicates that this migration is running in Test mode and will not actually perform the requested changes. Once completed, you can click View Log to review each action taken during the merge process.
You can now insert this custom sidebar from the Quick Parts gallery into other documents.
1. In Solution Explorer, right-click Geography MOLAP .dim and select View Designer . 2. In the Attributes pane of the Dimension Designer, right-click the Geography MOLAP dimension and select Properties . 3. In the Properties window, select the ProactiveCaching property and click the ellipsis button that appears on the right . 4. In the Dimension Storage Settings dialog box, drag the slider to Automatic MOLAP . Click Options . The same options are available for dimension and partition proactive caching . 5. Click OK . In the Dimension Storage Settings dialog box, click OK . 6. Close the Dimension Designer and save the changes to the Geography MOLAP dimension . In the next procedure, you will have an opportunity to see proactive caching in action, so you need to deploy your changes to the Analysis Services server . 7. On the Build menu, select Deploy AdventureWorks SSAS .
Selecting a Portal Area for a List
returnType methodName ( parameterList ) { // method body statements go here }
your needs.
Property CellFont() As FontInfo Get Return m_CellFont End Get Set(ByVal Value As FontInfo) m_CellFont = Value End Set End Property
the background to handle multipart/form-data submissions. In ASP.NET, the role of the posting acceptor is no longer necessary because it is carried out by the ASP.NET runtime itself.
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