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In addition to the Common Criteria roles, Windows Server 2003 can implement other roles in the PKI management structure.
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Included in Search Companion is Indexing Service, which indexes the files on your computer while your computer is idle, improving search speed. (Indexing creates a database of file names and contents so that Search Companion can search the database instead of having to search the files themselves.) In this exercise, you will search for a text file called Find this file on your computer, turn on Indexing Service to speed up future searches, and change the Search Companion animated screen character. On the CD Find this file The practice file for this exercise is located in the SBS\WindowsXP\Structure\Searching folder. (For details about installing the practice files, see 'Using the Book's CD-ROM' at the beginning of this book.) Follow these steps: 1. Log on to Windows, if you have not already done so. 2. On the Start menu, click Search. The Search Results window opens, with Search Companion displayed onthe left side:
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
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In Windows XP, Microsoft brings the Windows family of operating systems for business and home users together and puts the operating systems on similar paths.
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RPC over HTTP. RPC over HTTP allows the remote procedure call (RPC) commands to be encapsulated in an HTTP header.
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Every time the team member clicks the browser s Refresh button. Every time the team member clicks a Submit button or otherwise creates a postback
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Dim selectedCount As Integer = ListBox1.SelectedIndices.Count
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Changing Account Settings if Connected to Project Server
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Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
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transparently for the programmer, but you can get optimal performance by selecting an adequate initial capacity for the hash table. A larger table doesn t speed up searches remarkably, but it makes insertions faster. You can also get better performance by selecting a correct load factor when you create a Hashtable object. This number determines the maximum ratio between values and buckets before the hash table is automatically expanded. The smaller this value is, the more memory is allocated to the internal table and the fewer collisions occur when you re inserting or searching for a value. The default load factor is 1.0, which in most cases delivers a good-enough performance, but you can set a smaller load factor when you create the Hashtable if you re willing to trade memory for better performance. You can initialize a Hashtable object in many ways:
[Account].[Accounts].&[50]/ [Account].[Accounts].&[97]
The use of two card sets in a security world allows you to implement role separation in the management of the CA. Typically, the ACS is managed by an organization s security officer. The security officer determines who will be key holders in the ACS. The OCS is more closely related to the operational staff of the PKI, as the card set is required for accessing the private key of the CA. Each ACS and OCS card from a card set is managed by a unique individual and, if desired, assigned a unique PIN. In both cases, you can implement a split-key solution where the key material for authorizing an ACS or OCS transaction requires presentation of multiple smart cards. For example, you can define that all ACS operations require three of a possible seven cards to be presented. The key generated for the ACS is split between the seven smart cards so that any combination of three will authorize an ACS transaction. The same is true for an OCS. nCipher refers to this type of configuration as k of n key fragmentation.
Enumerated zone list: Zone count = 4 Zone name . Type Cache Primary Primary Primary Storage File AD-Forest AD-Legacy AD-Domain Properties
7 Close the Color table in the Table Designer by clicking the X near the Solution Explorer.
height of the image matches the height of the report header textbox and the width extends to the right edge of the table. The top of the design grid looks like this:
Commerce Server 2000, and then click Commerce Server Manager. In the left pane of the Commerce Server Manager window, expand the Internet Information Services node by clicking the plus sign (+) next to it. A node that represents your computer (with the same name as your computer) should be visible. Click the plus sign (+) next to it to display the Web sites hosted on your computer. Under Internet Information Services, right-click the icon that represents your computer, point to New, and then click Web Site. In the first dialog box, click Next. In the Description box, type B2CRef. The IIS Administration listings refer to the Web site by this name. Click Next. In the IP Address and Port Settings dialog box, leave the IP address as All Unassigned, set the TCP port to 81 (or to any other available IP port address, and then click Next. In the Web Site Home Directory dialog box, either enter the path to the Inetpub\B2CRef folder in the Path box or click Browse to navigate to that folder and select it, and then click Next. In the Web Site Access Permissions dialog box, leave the default settings (Read and Run scripts), and then click Next. Click Finish to create the site.
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