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Writing the AddTblRow Method
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Saving Reports to Local Files
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Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware
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Activity 3. Plan and Design Tests
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Be careful when adding or removing tasks from the role definition. The impact can be far-reaching, because every role assignment with the modified role will be immediately changed across the Report Server. If an item does not currently have an explicit role assignment, remember that its security is inherited from its parent folder (which might, in turn, inherit from a higher-level parent folder).
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Identify DNS Namespace and Storage
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2002 2003 2004
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If no task pane is on display, press Ctrl+F1. If a different task pane is on display, click the drop-down arrow in the task pane
Provide a secure physical environment for hardware. Define a standard process for deploying hardware.
Maximum File Size Specify the maximum file size, in whole kilobytes (KB), for translating a document to HTML. A setting of 3000 means that Windows SharePoint Services won t submit documents larger than 3000 kilobytes (3 MB) for translation. Timeout Length Specify the maximum number of seconds the SharePoint server should wait for the HTML Viewer service to translate a document to HTML.
void scaleSprites() { cheese.TicksToCrossScreen = 200.0f; cheese.WidthFactor = 0.05f; cheese.SpriteRectangle.Width = (int)((displayWidth * cheese.WidthFactor) + 0.5f); float aspectRatio = (float)cheese.SpriteTexture.Width / cheese.SpriteTexture.Height; cheese.SpriteRectangle.Height = (int)((cheese.SpriteRectangle.Width / aspectRatio) + 0.5f); cheese.X = minDisplayX; cheese.Y = minDisplayY; cheese.XSpeed = displayWidth / cheese.TicksToCrossScreen; cheese.YSpeed = cheese.XSpeed; bread.WidthFactor = 0.15f; bread.TicksToCrossScreen = 120.0f; bread.SpriteRectangle.Width = (int)((displayWidth * bread.WidthFactor) + 0.5f); aspectRatio = (float)bread.SpriteTexture.Width / bread.SpriteTexture.Height; bread.SpriteRectangle.Height = (int)((bread.SpriteRectangle.Width / aspectRatio) + 0.5f); bread.X = displayWidth / 2; bread.Y = displayHeight / 2; bread.XSpeed = displayWidth / bread.TicksToCrossScreen; bread.YSpeed = bread.XSpeed; }
Following the switch Statement Rules
A table s data rows have the general structure shown in Figure 5-9 (so long as the data is stored in uncompressed form). We call this format the FixedVar format, because the data for all xed-length columns is stored rst, followed by the data for all variable-length columns. Table 5-7 shows the information stored in each FixedVar row. (In 7, we ll see the format of rows stored in a different format, used when the data on the page is compressed.) Status Bits A contains a bitmap indicating properties of the row. The bits have the following meanings:
5 To access a non SQL Server database, take these steps: 5.1 Select the Use Custom Connection String option, and click the Edit button. 5.2 When the Edit Connection String dialog box shown in Figure 10-23 appears, enter the OLEDB connection string required to access the database. This figure shows a typical connection string for a Microsoft Access database. The general format for an Oracle connection string is shown here:
Dim doc As XPathDocument = New XPathDocument(dataSource) Dim nav As XPathNavigator = doc.CreateNavigator() m_iterator = nav.Select(startNode) Dim clone As XPathNodeIterator = m_iterator.Clone() clone.MoveNext() Populate the field metadata arrays Dim i As Integer = 0 Dim field As String For Each field In fields Dim fieldClone As XPathNodeIterator = clone.Current.Select(field) fieldClone.MoveNext() m_names(i) = fieldClone.Current.Name m_types(i) = fieldClone.Current.Value.GetType()
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