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Installing Reporting Services
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Configure HTML Viewer
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FIGURE 1-8 Copy ng a project.
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Mid(s1, 2, 1) = x"
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Notice that the sales order totals are now visible in the order header row. Click the plus sign next to SO8501 to view the details, which look like this:
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System.XML.XPath namespaces are added to support an XPath query. In addition to placing code specific to your data processing extension in the constructor, you need to update the Read() method to retrieve the values from the data source for the fields. In this procedure, you will update the namespace for the data reader class and add code to construct a data reader object.
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After the backup has been performed, you can inspect the backupset table in the msdb database to determine the compression ratio, using a statement like the following:
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Filling up the Sounds folder with sound files
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on the Favorites menu. Taskpad commands are also called tasks. You run tasks simply by clicking their link. In the case of menu commands, clicking the link runs the menu command. For shell commands, clicking the link runs the associated script or program. For navigation components, clicking the link displays the designated navigation view. If you have multiple levels of taskpads, you must include navigation components to allow users to get back to the top-level taskpad. The concept is similar to having to create a home link on Web pages.
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Managing Partitions and Database Processing
Create the VB compiler.
Now you have three report parameters in your report. The first, Margin %, is used in an expression in the report to change the report formatting. The other two, Month and Year, are used to define the query that executes to retrieve data for the report. Since default values were supplied for all the report parameters, the report was executed
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
3. Click the Costs tab.
Now consider the following code that uses this property:
Abbrev. Title
Conventions and Features Used in This Book Tip
You create a KPI in the Cube Designer. For each KPI, you develop expressions that calculate the KPI s value, goal, current status, and trend. The Value expression represents where the business is today and is sometimes referred to as actual when comparing it to a goal. The Goal expression defines the business goal, such as a constant value or perhaps a 20% increase in sales from the previous year. The Status expression measures how the Value compares to the Goal. Typically, you associate a visual icon, such as a stoplight or a gauge, to Status value to express whether or not the result is positive or negative. The Trend expression is used to compare the current Status value with the value of Status at a previous point in time. As with Status, you can assign a graphic to illustrate whether the trend is improving, declining, or not changing. In this procedure, you ll add a KPI to highlight sales performance against a goal. Create a simple key performance indicator 1. In the cube designer, click the KPIs tab, and then click the New KPI button on the toolbar. 2. In the Name box, type Simple KPI. Unlike with a calculated member, you can assign a name to a KPI that includes spaces without enclosing the name in square brackets. You cannot, however, include special characters like %, , or $ in the KPI name. For a complete list of invalid characters, you can include an invalid character, such as %, in the name. The red asterisk icon to the right of the Name box will flash. If you hover the cursor over the icon, a complete list of invalid characters displays. 3. In the Metadata pane, expand Measures, expand the Reseller Sales folders, and then drag Reseller Sales Amount to the Value Expression box. The Value Expression represents the actual state of the business metric. In this example, Reseller Sales Amount represents where sales are for the current time member. 4. Drag Reseller Sales Amount from the Metadata pane to the Goal Expression box, position the cursor at the end of the text, and then type * 1.2.
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