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You can also specify a Rectangle object, which works as a clipping region for the image:
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Figure 12-1. Use Manage Your Server to quickly access tools related to the roles configured on a server.
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msg.From = txtFrom.Text Who sends the mail
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Planning for Windows Server 2003
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A C# interface looks a lot like an abstract class. It is a collection of method specifications. The idea is that rather than using a reference to a particular class, you can instead use a reference to a class that can implement that interface. In other words, rather than thinking of the host of a sprite as a BreadAndCheeseGame, we think of it as a class that implements the ISpriteBasedGame interface. The BreadAndCheeseGame class can indicate that it implements the interface, as shown in bold here:
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To List items on Report Server Do this Use the ListChildren() method. For example, to list all contents of Report Server:
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If String.CompareOrdinal(s1, 1, s2, 1, 4) = 0 Then Console.Write( Equal )
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addValues(39, 3);
someType Method(params object[] paramList) { ... }
Key Replication Administrator Commands
4 Working with Menus and Dialog Boxes
struct ScreenPosition { public ScreenPosition(int X, int Y) { this.x = rangeCheckedX(X); this.y = rangeCheckedY(Y); }
URL, http://<servername>/reportserver/reportservice.asmx wsdl. In addition to creating the proxy class, you need to create a reference variable for a ReportingServices object, which will be used as the mechanism for connecting to the Web service and for accessing items on the server. In your application, you must also assign credentials from the local .NET Credentials Cache so that Reporting Services can determine who is trying to access the Web service and enforce the appropriate security role definition.
Creating Shadows Using Transparent Colors
Control Flow and Error Handling
Power Users in Windows XP and Windows Vista
Review Questions
Activity 5. Design Tests
Figure 21-9 The Precedence Constraint Editor.
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