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Pop the only value still on the stack.
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Important To add a Shared Schedule, SQL Server Agent must be running. Otherwise, you will receive an error when you click the OK button to create the shared schedule.
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Right-click a textbox or an image, click the Ellipsis button for the Action property in the Properties window, and then click the option for the type of action to add. Enter the bookmark identifier, report name, or URL to which the action will direct the user. If a target report has a report parameter, click the Parameters button, and then click a report parameter in the Parameter Name list box and an expression in the Parameter Value list box. Click the row handle of the detail row, and change its Hidden property to True in the Properties window. In the ToggleItem property for the same row, click the name of the textbox to use as a toggle for the visibility of the detail row. Open the Toolbox window, click Subreport, point to the target destination, and click to place the subreport. Rightclick the subreport, and then enter the name of the subreport if it s not in the same project folder as the host report, or click to select a report from the Subreport list box if it is in the same project folder. In the Properties window, click the Ellipsis button in the Grouping property for a data region or in the Grouping /Sorting property for the group row in a data region. Click the field expression in the Group On list box to identify a unique row, and click the field expression in the Parent Group list box to identify a parent row.
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Dim path As String = url.AbsolutePath => /index.aspx
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Read the home page of
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Public Interface TransferMoney Sub TransferMoney(ByVal senderID As Integer, ByVal receiverID As Integer, _ ByVal amount As Decimal) End Interface <Transaction(TransactionOption.Required, SecurityRole( Readers", True)> _ Public Class MoneyMover Inherits ServicedComponent Implements TransferMoney <SecurityRole( AllReaders", True)> _ Sub TransferMoney (ByVal senderID As Integer, ByVal receiverID As Integer, _ ByVal amount As Decimal) Implements TransferMoney.TransferMoney End Sub End Class
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10 Click the Create button. 11 Click the Close button, and then close the Computer Management
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Declaring override Methods
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Left Indent Indents the text to this marker Right Indent Wraps the text when it reaches this marker at the right end of the ruler
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More Info The SQL Server Books Online topic for this command, DBCC CHECKIDENT ( Transact-SQL), found at, describes the various options and their effects.
A data type is an attribute that specifies the type of data that the column can store. Choosing the correct data type for each column is important when creating tables. The following guidelines should help you make a good decision on the data type for each column:
The export will process roughly 100 records per minute.
Notice that the preceding code reads all the fields in the Users table, even though it uses just the Password field. This slight inefficiency makes the procedure ready for sit uations when you offer customization features. For example, you can read the pre ferred color scheme and store this data in Session variables before closing the DataReader:
Texture2D cheeseTexture; Rectangle cheeseRectangle; float cheeseX;
Create and Configure Notebooks
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Using Windows Vista Deployment Tools. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
Aside from all these reasons, an application pool can recycle because of unhandled exceptions, timeouts, low memory, or threads or connection pool issues. In general, the worker process recycling is a defensive measure aimed at keeping the application in shape and preventing any worse troubles. An application restart is not free of issues because it causes the user s session to disappear, for example; however, that is probably the lesser evil compared to having a site that hangs or crashes. An application restart is not something you can spot easily. It manifests through diminished and periodical responsiveness of the site. Diagnosing the cause is usually hard. When you suspect undue process recycling, the first place to look is in the event viewer to see whether some interesting information is being tracked. Memory usage is another good successive area to investigate.
Compare the measures Category Percent of Total to Product Percent of Parent at the Category and Subcategory levels. At the category level, the two calculated members return the same percentage, of course, because the category s parent is the total of all products. As you drill down to the subcategory level, however, the calculated members return different percentages. All subcategories of Bikes represent their relative contribution to Bikes and, therefore, their respective percentages sum up to 100%. Notice that the total value you see for Bikes shows the percentage of its parent and not the sum of its subcategory children. Another observation to make is the Grand Total for the Product Percent of Parent, which displays as 1.#INF. This is a divide-by-zero error that the browser is attempting to format. The All member for the Product Category attribute hierarchy doesn t have a parent, so the value for that parent is empty, which is treated as 0. The expression to calculate the percent of parent must behave differently for the top member of a hierarchy than it does for all the other members. To do that, you use the IIF function to check whether the value of the denominator tuple is empty. 9. Click the Calculations tab, and then change the expression to look like this:
Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
Part VII
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