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TRUNCATE TABLE sp_LOGINFO; INSERT INTO sp_LOGINFO EXEC ('DBCC LOGINFO'); GO -- Unused VLFs have a Status of 0, so the CASE forces those to the end SELECT * FROM sp_LOGINFO ORDER BY CASE FSeqNo WHEN 0 THEN 9999999 ELSE FSeqNo END; GO
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Managing Content
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12 Games, Objects, and State
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To follow this example, deploy the sample Adventure Works solution using the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard which is described in the previous section of this chapter. The location of the database file is <drive>:\<SQL Server install directory>\90\Tools\Samples\AdventureWorks Analysis Services Project.
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Since the values in the second key column in the index are scattered throughout the entire index, you can benefit from using this index only if the first key column also exists
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Caching the Output of User Controls
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With Excel, you ve always been able to manage lists of data effectively, enabling you to sort your worksheet data based on the values in one or more columns, limit the data displayed by using criteria (for example, show only those routes with fewer than 100 stops), and create formulas that summarize the values in visible (that is, unfiltered) cells. In Excel 2007, the Excel product team extended your ability to manage your data by introducing Excel tables. Excel 2010 offers you the same capability.
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Methods of the HttpApplicationState Class
13. On the View tab, in the Task Views group, click Other Views and then click
Reporting Services includes several components that are installed on both client and server computers. These components include the Report Server, the Reporting Services databases, Report Manager, Report Designer, and several command prompt utilities for administrative tasks. In this procedure, you will add the Reporting Services Samples to the default selection of components to be installed.
Lines 34 to 40 run the stsadm o enumsites command and capture the output XML in
ASP.NET Pages and Server Controls
Open security. Provide a complex key if your wireless access point does not automatically generate one for you, and make note of that key. 2. On your Windows Vista computer, click Start, and then click Connect To. The Connect To A Network Wizard appears. 3. On the Disconnect Or Connect To Another Network page, select Contoso. This time the Connect To A Network Wizard shows an error message. Because you had previously configured the Contoso wireless network with no security, it cannot automatically connect. 4. Right-click Contoso, and then click Diagnose. Wireless Network Diagnostics attempts to identify the problem. 5. In the Wireless Network Diagnostics dialog box, click View Wireless Security Settings To Verify That Correct Encryption Type Is Selected. 6. The Contoso Wireless Network Properties dialog box appears, allowing you to change the wireless security settings. Click the Security Type list, and then click No Authentication (Open). Then, click the Encryption Type list and click WEP. In the Network Security Key box, type the key you provided to the wireless access point. Then, click OK. 7. The Wireless Network Diagnostics dialog box reappears. Select Click Here When You Are Done to have Wireless Network Diagnostics retest the connection. 8. Click Close when Windows Network Diagnostics notifies you that the problem was resolved. Now open Microsoft Internet Explorer to verify that you can connect to the Internet across your wireless link. Practice 2: Configure a WPA-EAP Encrypted Wireless Access Point In this practice, you connect to a WPA-EAP protected wireless network. To complete this practice, you must have a wireless access point and a Windows Vista computer with a wireless network adapter. Additionally, you must have configured your Windows Server 2003 domain controller as an enterprise CA. For detailed instructions, complete Practice 3 of Lesson 1, Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Security, in 5, Protecting Internet Explorer and Other Applications. 1. Log on to your Windows Server 2003 domain controller. 2. Click Start, Administrative Tools, and then Active Directory Users And Computers. Right-click Nwtraders.Msft (or your domain name), and then click Raise Domain Functional Level. In the Raise Domain Functional Level dialog box, select Windows Server 2003, and then click Raise. Then, click OK twice. The domain must be at the Windows Server 2003 functional level to support remote access policies. 3. In the Active Directory Users And Computers console, right-click Users, click New, and then click Group. Specify a Group Name of Wireless Users. Then, click OK. Double-click
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