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The SQL Server Management Studio replaces the previous Enterprise Manager and more. From the Management Studio you can access all of the other utilities. SQL Server Management Studio is used in examples throughout this book and its uses for tuning are covered in 30, Using Profiler, Management Studio, and Database Tuning Advisor.
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Implement the Configuration
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To display the form again, you can also click the tab labeled Form1.vb [Design] at the top edge of the Code Editor. If you don t see tabs at the top of the Code Editor, enable Tabbed Documents view in the Options dialog box, as discussed in a Tip in 1.
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Sample Detailed Test Plan
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The COM tab of the Add Reference dialog box
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Although SQL Server 2008 supports the vardecimal format, it is recommended that you use row compression when you want to reduce the storage space required by your data rows. Both the table option and the database option for enabling vardecimal storage have been deprecated.
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Trace.Assert(Not (obj Is Nothing), Unable to continue", Object is Nothing )
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certutil -addstore -f CA CACRLFile.crl,
Connecting to Wireless Networks Using Group Policy Settings
7. Navigate to your 02 practice file folder.
7 Working with the Page
After completing this chapter, you will be able to:
Using SharePoint Built-In Features
Modeling GPOs for Planning
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