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3 If you want to apply changes only to the root folder of the disk, select Apply Changes To X Only. Otherwise, accept the default, which will compress the entire contents of the disk. Click OK.
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Notice how the report description is displayed below the report name.
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The installation time will vary based on your choices on the previous page. On average, if you selected both MSDN Library and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, the installation should be around 10 to 30 minutes depending on your computer s speed.
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Note As with a smart card CSP, you must allow an HSM s CSP to interact with the desktop so that the operators of the HSM are prompted to authorize all private key usage by the HSM (during an interactive logon session).
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Software That Has Not Yet Been Classified For Risks Monitors software that does not yet have a Windows Defender definition. This capability allows Windows Defender to detect potentially unwanted software that Microsoft has not analyzed. q Changes Made To Your Computer By Software That Is Permitted To Run This is the only form of real-time protection that is disabled by default. You can enable this for additional security; however, users can find it annoying.
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Is current date later than October 30, 2001 Select Case Date.Today.CompareTo(New Date(2001, 10, 30)) Case 1 Later than Oct. 30, 2001 Case 1 Earlier than Oct. 30, 2001 Case 0 Today is Oct. 30, 2001. End Select
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7 Advanced Dimension Design
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The Web service rebuilds the DataAdapter object (or objects) that was created to extract data from the database, initializes its UpdateCommand, InsertCommand, and DeleteCommand properties, and applies the DataAdapter to the DataSet con taining only the modified rows. This behavior is the most scalable one, but it can be adopted only when the changes coming from the client don t need any addi tional processing.
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(We reuse the same SymmetricAlgorithm object to create the decryptor.)
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be able to base your search on a particular color. To add the Color table, simply right-click in the diagram area and select Add Table. . . The Add Table dialog box appears as shown in Figure 8-25. Select the Color table and click the Add button. When the Color table has been added to the diagram, click the Close button.
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9 Quick Reference
You can expand a database le manually by using the ALTER DATABASE command with the MODIFY FILE option to change the SIZE property of one or more of the les. When you alter a database, the new size of a le must be larger than the current size. To decrease the size of a le, you use the DBCC SHRINKFILE command, which I ll tell you about shortly.
Some goals are at least conceptually easy to quantify. For example, a goal of no slower than the previous release is quantified by either referencing the most recent production performance monitoring report, or by executing single-user, light-load, and heavy-load tests against the previous release and recording the results to use as a baseline for comparison. Similarly, to quantify a goal of at least as fast as our competitors, you can take a series of single-user performance measurements of the competitor s application perhaps by scheduling a performance test script to execute a common scenario against the application once an hour over a period of a week. Often, most of the captured goals that need to be quantified are not comparative goals; they are user satisfaction goals, otherwise known as quality of service (QoS) goals. Quantifying end-user satisfaction and/or frustration is more challenging, but far from impossible. To quantify end-user satisfaction, all you need is an application and some representative users. You do not need a completed application; a prototype or demo will do for a first pass at quantification. For example, with just a few lines of code in the HTML of a demo or prototype, you can control the load time for each page, screen, graphic, control, or list. Using this method, you can create several versions of the application with different response characteristics, then have the users try each, telling you in their own terms whether they find that version unacceptable, slow, reasonable, fast, or whatever descriptors associated with the goals provided to you. Since you know the actual response times, you can then start pairing those numbers to the users reported degrees of satisfaction. It is not an exact science, but it works well enough for goals especially if you follow up by asking the same questions about performance testing on the application every time you present those goals. This is applicable for functional testing, user acceptance testing, beta testing, and so on, as you are measuring response times in the background as users interact with the system. This allows you to collect more data and enhance your performance goals as the application evolves. While quantifying goals, consider distinguishing the goals based on how the application will be used. For instance, a data-entry page that is use 2000 times a day, or a once-a-year comprehensive report on 40 million transactions, will have very different performance goals.
Part V
1 Installing the DHCP Server service 2 Authorizing the DHCP server in Active Directory 3 Configuring the DHCP server with the appropriate scopes, exclusions, reservations, and options 4 Activating the DHCP server s scopes
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