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User Name field should be alphanumeric and can contain hyphens, underscores, periods, and @ only.
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strUserID = GetUserID If Not IsNull(strUserID) Then ' initialize profile service & connect to profile store using specified ' schema If Not Application("MSCSProfileService") Is Nothing Then ' use profile service to retrieve profile object for user, and assign ' that object to function's return value Set objMSCSProfile = Application("MSCSProfileService") _ .GetProfilebyKey(mc_strUser_ID, GetUserID, _
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Operator Constraints
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Part IV:
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Sub TestByRefProperty Dim vc As New ValueClass vc.DoubleValue = 100 ClearValue(vc.DoubleValue) Show that the method actually changed the property. Console.WriteLine(vc.DoubleValue) => 0 vc.DoubleValue += 10 Show that the property was actually incremented. Console.WriteLine(vc.DoubleValue) => 10 End Sub Sub ClearValue(ByRef Value As Double) Value = 0 End Sub
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Add icons for the card suits A directory full of icons is installed with Visual Studio .NET. You can use these icons in your programs by copying them to your project folder. 1. Locate the directory where Visual Studio is installed. Browse to the Common7\Graphics\icons\Misc folder and find the four icons for the card suits. For your convenience, the icons are also included in the \04 folder on this book s companion CD. 2. Copy the four icons to your project folder. 3. Right -click on Form1, and click View Code on the shortcut menu. 4. Add these fields to the Form1 class. The m_icons field will hold a keyindexed collection of Image instances. The hand fields will hold cards for the two players. The Button field will be used in the drag-and-drop operations. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. // Visual C# private System.Collections.SortedList m_icons = new System.Collections.SortedList(); private Hand m_hand1 = new Hand(); private Hand m_hand2 = new Hand(); Visual Basic Private m_icons As New System.Collections.SortedList() Private m_hand1 As New Hand() Private m_hand2 As New Hand() Private m_pickedUp As Button
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Private Sub DataTable_ColumnChanging(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As DataColumnChangeEventArgs) Handles DataTable.ColumnChanging If e.Column.ColumnName = BirthDate Then If CDate(e.ProposedValue) > Date.Now Then e.Row.SetColumnError(e.Column.ColumnName, _ Invalid birth date value ) End If End If End Sub Private Sub DataTable_RowChanging(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As DataRowChangeEventArgs) Handles DataTable.RowChanging If CStr(e.Row( State )) = And CStr(e.Row( Country )) = Then e.Row.RowError = State and Country can t both be null" End If End Sub
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Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
1 Start the Active Directory Installation Wizard as discussed previously. Click Next twice to skip the Operating System Compatibility page; I ve discussed the compatibility needs in the section entitled Connecting Clients to Active Directory earlier in this chapter. Continue with the installation. 2 On the Domain Controller Type page, shown in Figure 36-3, select Additional Domain Controller For An Existing Domain. Click Next.
The NumericUpDown and DomainUpDown Controls
// Globals var currentPostBackElem; function OnBeginRequest(sender, args) { // Get the reference to the button click (i.e., btnStartTask) currentPostBackElem = args.get_postBackElement(); if (typeof(currentPostBackElem) === "undefined") return; if ( === "btnStartTask") { // Disable the button $get("btnStartTask").disabled = true; } }
Think of the data table as having rows and columns; the intersection of a row and a column is a field. The table s rows correspond to individual instances of an object. The table s columns correspond to attributes defined in the schema. The table s fields are populated only if an attribute contains a value. Fields can be a fixed or a variable length. If you create an object and define only 10 attributes, only these 10 attributes will contain values. While some of those values might be fixed length, other might be variable length. Records in the data table are stored in data pages that have a fixed size of 8 kilobytes (KB, or 8,192 bytes). Each data page has a page header, data rows, and free space that can contain row offsets. The page header uses the first 96 bytes of each page, leaving 8,096 bytes for data and row offsets. Row offsets indicate the logical order of rows on a page, which means that offset 0 refers to the first row in the index, offset 1 refers to the second row, and so on. If a row contains long, variable-length data, the data may not be stored with the rest of the data for that
5. Click the last cell in the table footer twice, and then paste the expression that is still in the clipboard into that cell. 6. Click the column handle for the Margin column to select all cells in the column, and then type C0 in the Format property in the Properties window to display margin values as currency without decimals. 7. Save the solution files, and then preview the report to confirm that the top of your report looks like this:
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out To create the configuration database in scalable hosting mode, use the following syntax. This is identical to the previous syntax, except that the hh switch is present.
By now you should be convinced that the .NET initiative isn t just marketing hype. It delivers real benefits to developers and users alike. It s time to have a closer look at the new architecture.
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