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Note that the item is added by creating a Dictionary object to represent it and passing it to the AddItem method of the OrderGroup object representing the shopping basket. After the shopping basket is updated, the code in _additem.asp redirects the user to Basket.pasp.
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1 2 Abbrev. Title Managing Security
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Lesson 2: Offering Remote Assistance
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Part I:
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Select the Content Manager check box to select this role. Click the OK button. The Security Properties page of the Home folder is displayed:
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Special Storage
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Although Ping uses ICMP to test connectivity to a specific host, PathPing uses ICMP to test connectivity to a remote host and all routers between you and the remote host. This can help you identify problems in the way your network is routing traffic, such as routing loops (where traffic crosses the same router more than once), a failed router (which might make it seem like the entire network has failed), or poor network performance. Figure 9-15 demonstrates how PathPing functions.
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As explained previously, a custom control can inherit from the System.Web.UI.Control class when it exposes a simple user interface or no UI at all. You should be familiar with most of the members of this class, such as Visible, ViewState, EnableViewState, and the Controls collection. There are three properties that affect the identifier used for the control: ID is the (writeable) identifier assigned to the control, and must be set to enable server-side access to the control; UniqueID is the unique, hierarchically quali fied identifier assigned to this control; ClientID is the read-only ID assigned to the con trol by ASP.NET and can be used to reference the control in client-side scripts. Most of the time, however, you ll inherit your custom control from the Sys tem.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl base class, which offers more support to con trols that have a rich user interface. The WebControl class inherits from Control and adds UI-related properties, such as ForeColor, BackColor, Font, Width, Height, BorderStyle, BorderWidth, BorderColor, Style, Enabled, and Attributes. It also adds a few methods, whose meaning will become clear in the following sections.
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As SQL Server is used to store more and more data, management of very large databases becomes a bigger concern for DBAs. First, the time to perform operations like an index rebuild grows with the data size, and eventually this can affect system availability. Second, the size of large tables makes performing operations dif cult because the system is often strained for resources, such as temp space, log space, and physical memory. Table and index partitioning can help you manage large databases better and minimize downtime. Physically, partitioned tables and indexes are really N tables or indexes that store a fraction of the rows. When comparing this to their nonpartitioned equivalents, the difference in the plan is often that the partitioned case requires iterating over a list of tables or a list of indexes to
All user accounts have specific capabilities, privileges, and rights. When you create a user account, you can grant the user specific capabilities by making the user a member of one or more groups. This gives the user the capabilities of these groups. You then assign additional capabilities by making a user a member of the appropriate groups or withdraw capabilities by removing a user from a group. In Windows Server 2003, some capabilities of accounts are built in. The built-in capabilities of accounts are assigned to groups and include the group s automatic capabilities. Although built-in capabilities are predefined and unchangeable, they can be granted to users by making them members of the appropriate group or delegated by granting the capability specifically, for example, the ability to create, delete, and manage user accounts. This capability is assigned to administrators and account operators. Thus, if a user is a member of the Administrators group, the user can create, delete, and manage user accounts. Other capabilities of accounts, such as permissions, privileges and logon rights, can be assigned. The access permissions for accounts define the operations that can be performed on network resources. For example, permissions control whether a user can access a particular shared folder. You can assign access permissions to users, computers, and groups as discussed in 21, File Sharing and Security. The privileges of an account grant permissions to perform specific tasks, such as the ability to change the system time. The logon rights of an account grant logon permissions, such as the ability to log on locally to a server. An important part of an administrator s job is being able to determine and set permissions, privileges, and logon rights as necessary. Although you can t change a group s built-in capabilities, you can change a group s default privileges and logon rights. For example, you could revoke network access to a computer by removing a group s right to access the computer from the network. Table 37-1 provides an overview of the default privileges assigned to groups. Table 37-2 provides an overview of the default logon rights assigned to groups.
49. Visual Basic 50. Public Sub Move(ByVal aDirection As MoveIt.Direction, ByVal ho wFar _ 51. As Integer) Implements MoveIt.IMoveable.Move 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 63. 64. // Visual C# 65. public void Move(Direction direction, int howFar) { 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. } switch (direction) { case Direction.Up : m_y += howFar; break; case Direction.Down : m_y -= howFar; break; case Direction.Left : m_x -= howFar; break; case Direction.Right : m_x += howFar; break; Select Case aDirection Case Direction.Up m_y += howFar Case Direction.Down m_y -= howFar Case Direction.Left m_x -= howFar Case Direction.Right m_x += howFar End Select
In many cases, controls that expose the AutoPostBack property should also implement the IPostBackEventHandler interface. This interface contains only one method, RaisePostBackEvent, which ASP.NET invokes when the postback actually occurs. There are two main reasons why you should implement this interface:
You reference these new properties at the end of the Validate method, after the valida tion code you wrote previously:
For Each fname As String In Directory.GetFiles( c:\docs", *.txt ) Display only read-only files. If CBool(File.GetAttributes(fname) And FileAttributes.ReadOnly) Then Console.WriteLine(fname) End If Next
When you dragged the Listing dataset table onto the designer surface, you probably saw that four items were added in the gray area below the designer surface. This section of the designer surface is called the component tray. This is the section that Visual Studio uses for nonvisual controls. In your case, it added an instance of the CarTracker dataset, a Listing table adapter, a Listing binding source, and finally a Listing binding navigator. Let s describe them individually. Binding Source You can think of a binding source as a broker or a layer of indirection.
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After completing this chapter, you will be able to:
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