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Color button and then, under Standard Colors, click yellow.
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Query Optimizer would no longer be sensitive to data changes in those objects, and suboptimal query plans could easily result. You can consider using this technique only as a last resort after exhausting all of the other alternative ways to avoid recompilation. Make sure you thoroughly test your applications after changing the auto-statistics options to verify that you are not hurting performance in other areas.
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Dim points() As Point = {New Point(100, 100), New Point(200, 200), _ New Point(250, 30), New Point(350, 100)} For tension As Single = 0 To 2 Step 0.5 gr.DrawCurve(Pens.Blue, points, tension) Next
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I nher it ance is for classes. I t let s one class inher it t he pr opert ies, m et hods, and ev ent s of anot her class. My discussion of inherit ance focuses on propert ies and m et hods t o sim plify t he present at ion. ( See t he Program m ing Ev ent s sect ion lat er in t his chapt er for m or e on m anaging class event s.) When Class B inher it s Class A, Class B can offer t he sam e m et hods, propert ies, and event s of Class A. I n addit ion, Class B can offer new pr opert ies and m et hods as well as m odified versions of t he pr opert ies and m et hods in Class A. Visual Basic dev elopers didn t hav e t his capabilit y for cust om st and- alone classes wit h v ersions of Visual Basic prior t o t he . NET v ersion. Therefore, it is nat ur al t hat y ou need t o lear n som e new concept s and sy nt ax t o t ak e adv ant age of inherit ance. We can st art our new inherit ance vocabulary by r efer r ing t o t he inher it ed class as t he base class. The class t hat inher it s a base class is a derived class. When one class inher it s fr om anot her class, t he der ived class m ust cont ain a declarat ion st at ing from which class it inherit s propert ies and m et hods. Visual Basic .NET uses an I nherit s st at em ent t o m ake t he declarat ion. The I nher it s st at em ent t akes as it s argum ent t he nam e of t he base class. You can have j ust one class nam e as t he argum ent for I nher it s. Therefore, a class can inher it fr om at m ost one ot her class at a t im e. I f t he der iv ed class adds any new m et hods, it can offer t he m et hods of t he base class along w it h it s ow n new m et hods. I n addit ion t o offer ing new m et hods, t he deriv ed class can offer m odified im plem ent at ions of one or m ore m et hods from t he base class. Anot her new inherit ance t er m in Visual Basic .NET is polym or phism . I t describes t he abilit y of a der iv ed class t o change t he im plem ent at ion of a base class m em ber, such as a propert y or a m et hod. An applicat ion can inst ant iat e inst ances for a der ived class and it s base class. I n t his way, t he applicat ion can inv ok e an unm odified m et hod from a base class and an updat ed m et hod w it h t he sam e nam e from a der iv ed class. I n order for Visual Basic .NET t o m odify a base class m et hod in a der iv ed class, your class m et hods r equir e special k eyw ords. First , t he base class m ust m ark t he m et hod nam e w it h t he Over ridable key word, such as in t he following code: Class MyBaseClass Overridable Function One () As Double Code for returning a value. End Function End Class I n addit ion t o a keywor d in t he base class, y ou need a cor responding k eyw ord, Over rides, in t he der ived class. This k eyword m ust be applied t o a m et hod in t he der iv ed class wit h t he sam e nam e as t he one in t he base class whose im plem ent at ion y ou want t o change. For exam ple Class MyDerivedClass Inherits MyBaseClass Overrides Function One () As Double New code for returning a value. End Function End Class As y ou can see, im plem ent ing polym orphism requir es planning. That is, you m ust m ark t he base class t hat you want ov er r idden in der iv ed classes wit h t he Over ridable key word. You m ust also sy nchr onize m et hod nam es bet w een t he base and der iv ed classes. The m et hod nam es w it hin a class eit her base or der iv ed should generally be dist inct . I n general, you should also keep t he m et hod and propert y nam es dist inct bet w een base and derived classes. Using t he sam e nam e for a m et hod or a propert y in bot h base and der ived classes has a special m eaning t hat we will consider short ly . I n order for a der iv ed class t o refer back t o a m et hod or pr opert y in a base class, you need t o use t he special My Base k eyw ord. You w ill t ypically use t he My Base keyw ord wit hin a funct ion in a der iv ed class t hat ov err ides an ident ically nam ed
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Failover Clustering Installation and Configuration
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Perhaps the most interesting thing about this sample program is the Draw method:
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stsadm.exe -o email -outsmtpserver -fromaddress -replytoaddress -codepage 1252
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Note Here s an important point about connection strings in ASP .NET. As you ll learn in Chap ter 27, by default an ASP .NET application runs under the identity of a user named ASPNET or under the Network Service identity, depending on the IIS version and whether you re using IIS 6 isolation mode under Windows Server 2003. If you want to use integrated security when you access SQL Server, you must make this account a valid user account for SQL Server. If you don t, you can establish a valid SQL Server connection only by providing a specific User ID and Password in the connection string, as in this line of code:
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<% @Page EnableViewState="false" %>
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Restrict data using a dataset filter and permissions table
Drag it from the Create Lists view of the Add Web Parts task pane and drop it into the Web Part Zone you want. Select the type of list, choose a Web Part Zone in the Add To drop-down list, and then click Add.
What you do next depends on whether you want to process an existing XML data source or create a new document from scratch. In the first case, you typically use the Load method to load XML data from a file, a Stream, a TextReader, or an XmlReader object:
USMT essentially refers to two command-line utilities (Scanstate and Loadstate), a set of customizable Extensible Markup Language (XML) files (MigApp.xml, MigSys.xml, and MigUser.xml), and various internal files. To migrate user state data by using USMT, first run Scanstate on the source computer to copy the data to an intermediate store. Then run Loadstate on the destination computer to copy the same data from the intermediate store. By modifying the XML files, you can maintain a high degree of control over the migration process. For instance, you can specify what to copy and what not to copy, arbitrate conflicts between the source computer and destination computer, modify where the data is migrated to on the destination computer, emulate missing settings, and remove settings from the destination computer.
where the following is true:
As you can see, you can con gure and control the treatment and behavior of NULL values in several ways, and you might think it would be impossible to keep track of all the variations. If you try to control every aspect of NULL handling separately within each individual session, you can cause immeasurable confusion and even grief. However, most of the issues become moot if you follow a few basic recommendations:
17. End Sub
You need to select a local or remote SQL Server instance that will host the Reporting Services database. You can use an existing Report Server database or provide a unique name if you want to create a Report Server database. You also need to specify an account that Reporting Services will use to connect to this database at run time. The default account is the service account used to run the
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