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The presenter is clearly part of the presentation layer. In a layered solution, the presentation layer is where you bridge the middle tier. The nearest endpoint in the middle tier land is the service layer, as discussed in 14. The service layer is a collection of classes (sometimes just WCF services) that orchestrate all the actions required by the application logic to serve a given request. The service layer should accept and retrieve data in a format that suits the presentation; if necessary, the service layer will translate from middle tier entities to presentation-only data transfer objects. If you re lucky, you can even use the same entities on both the presentation and business layers. Note In this regard, your luck mostly depends on the complexity of the use-case and the
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The Basics
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Understanding Partition Strategies
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time for assignments to a task, switch to the Task Usage view, and then apply the Cost table. While in a usage view, you can also show Cost, Baseline Cost, and Actual Cost details via the Add Details dialog box. On the Format tab, in the Details group, select the options you want.
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Dim storedHash(keyhash.HashSize \ 8 - 1) As Byte
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Part II:
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Using DNS with Active Directory
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Browser Capabilities Providers
In this procedure, you ll use the Recursive keyword with the aggregate functions Count and Sum. Use Recursive aggregate functions 1. Click the Layout tab, right-click the Employee Count cell in the detail row, and then select Expression. 2. Enter the following expression:
The compiler is not very happy with the BaseSprite class. It seems to want back the empty constructor, the constructor that takes 0 arguments. The compiler is trying to tell you that some parts of your program are trying to use the empty constructor to create a BaseSprite class. This no longer exists because you have provided your own constructor. You could start by fixing the Background sprite, which is a BaseSprite instance that draws the background. When it is created, the game must provide the texture and rectangle for this sprite:
Allows a user to gather information about Full Control, User Access users connected to the terminal server, processes running on the server, etc. Allows a user to configure connection properties. Allows a user to view or remotely control another user s session. Allows a user to log on to a session on the server. Full Control Full Control Full Control, User Access, Guest Access
Figure 13-3. Disabled devices are listed with an error status because they aren t functioning; you can enable them by clicking Enable Device.
Frequently Reported Performance Data
for static controls that is, controls defined in the .aspx source. For dynamic controls that is, controls created programmatically you must have set the property before adding the control to the page s control tree. A control is added to the page s control tree when you add to the Controls collection of the parent control typically, the form or another control in the form.
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In 4, Creating Dimensions, you created standard, time, and parent-child dimensions . In this chapter, when you create an Account dimension, you will have to perform some additional steps to configure the way Account dimension members aggregate . Sometimes the account values need to sum to a parent, sometimes the account values are subtracted, and sometimes account values should not aggregate into a parent value at all . Consider, for example, a typical profit and loss report:
19. End Sub 21. // Visual C# 22. private void addPerson_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e ){ 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. } Test the application Press F5 to run the application. Entering a string like Bob Smith in the TextBox correctly adds Smith, Bob to the ListBox. Entering a string like Bob results in a thrown exception. } personsName.Text = ""; } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } } else { MessageBox.Show(nameException.Message); } catch (NameFormatIncorrectException nameException) { if (nameException.InnerException != null) { MessageBox.Show(nameException.Message + "\n" + nameException.InnerException.Message); try { personList.Items.Add(new Person(personsName.Text));
Programming Reporting Services
Figure 17-14
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