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The statement after the else is performed if the condition is found to be false. You can add an else part to any if condition that you create. This means that when the red intensity value wraps around, the vibration will stop. You can extend the tests using OR so that the program will test all the intensity values:
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Part V:
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<RadioButton Style= {StaticResource errorStyle} Height= 16 Name= female Width= 120 Margin= 0,10,0,0 > Female <RadioButton.IsChecked> <Binding Source= {StaticResource customerData} Path= Gender Converter= {StaticResource genderConverter} ConverterParameter= Female > <Binding.ValidationRules> <ExceptionValidationRule /> </Binding.ValidationRules> </Binding> </RadioButton.IsChecked> </RadioButton>
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Dividing Presentations into Sections
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<asp:GridView ID= CustomerGrid runat= server ...> ... <Columns> <asp:commandfield ShowEditButton= True ></asp:commandfield> ... </Columns> ... </asp:GridView>
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With the Web Browser method When you click Next, the wizard tells you that you need to go the Terminal Server Activation and Licensing Web site (https:// and provide your product ID, as shown in the following screen. You will then get a license server ID to use.
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="Total Product Sales: "+Format(Sum(Fields!SalesAmount.Value,"DataDetail"),"c0")
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15. ReleaseRequestState This event is raised when the handler releases its state information and prepares to shut down. This event is used by the session state module to update the dirty session state if necessary.
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Thanks to the GetDirectories and GetFiles methods, you need very little code to iterate over all the directories and files of a directory tree. For example, the following code snippet prints the structure of a directory tree and (optionally) the names of files in each directory:
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High Availability
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Unable to download. The CA certificate or CRL could not be downloaded from the referenced URL.
Most controls, however, provide a handy SelectedValue property that just wraps the previous expression.
3 When the New Form Library page appears, fill in the following fields. Name Give the form library a one-line name. Description Enter a few sentences describing the library. Display This Form Library On The Quick Launch Bar Choose Yes or No. Create A Version Each Time You Edit A File In This Form Library Choose Yes or No. Form Template Select a form template. Unless your administrator has provided more choices, the only option will be Blank Form. 4 Click Create to create the form library. 5 When the view page for the new form library appears, click Modify Settings And Columns. 6 Under General Settings, Template, click the Edit Template link to download the form template to InfoPath for editing.
indent marker One of four controls located on the horizontal ruler that indicate how far text is indented from the left or right margin. index A list of the words and phrases that are discussed in a printed document, along with the page numbers they appear on. index entry A field code that marks specific text for inclusion in an index. When you mark text as an index entry, Word inserts an XE (Index Entry) field formatted as hidden text. index entry field The XE field, including the braces ( { } ), that defines an index entry. justifying Making all lines of text in a paragraph or column fit the width of the document or column, with even margins on each side. keyboard shortcut Any combination of keystrokes that can be used to perform a task. kiosk mode A display mode in which a single window takes over the whole screen and the desktop is inaccessible. landscape The orientation of a picture, page, or worksheet where the width is greater than the height. Left Indent marker The square-shaped control, on the bottom of the horizontal ruler, that indicates how far text is indented from the left margin. legend A key in a chart that identifies the colors and names of the data series or categories that are used in the chart. line break A manual break that forces the text that follows it to the next line. Also called a text wrapping break. link In Excel, a formula that has a cell show the value from another cell. linked object An object that is created in a source file to which a link is inserted into a destination file, maintaining a connection between the two files. The linked object in the destination file can be updated when the source file is updated. linking To insert a pointer to a file into another file. See also embedding.
Docking the Properties window
Wait for the other thread to die. t.Join
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