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As you continue to work with Excel 2010, you might discover that you use certain commands much more frequently than others. If your workbooks draw data from external sources, for example, you might find yourself using the Refresh All button on the Data tab quite often than the program s designers might have expected. You can make any button accessible with one click by adding the button to the Quick Access Toolbar, located just above the ribbon. To add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar, display the Customize The Quick Access Toolbar page of the Excel Options dialog box. This page contains two panes. The pane on the left lists all of the controls that are available within a given category, and the pane on the right lists the controls currently displayed on the Quick Access Toolbar. In the Choose Commands From list, click the category that contains the control you want to add. Excel 2010 displays the available commands in the box below the Choose Commands From field. Click the control you want, and then click the Add button.
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Private Function GetParameterSelectedValue(ByVal CurrentListBox As ListBox, ByVal ParameterName As String) As ParameterValue Dim parameter As New ParameterValue parameter.Name = ParameterName parameter.Value = CurrentListBox.SelectedValue Return parameter End Function
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The Task Information dialog box appears.
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The SQL Server instance is Enterprise, Enterprise Eval, or Developer. There are more than 64 pages comprising all the tables and indexes in the current batch. There are no T-SQL-based or CLR-based computed columns in the tables in the batch. Parallelism has not been explicitly disabled with trace ag 2528.
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If File.Exists(dataSource) = False Then Throw New Exception( File + dataSource + doesn t exist ) End If Isolate the starting node from the command text. The expected syntax of the command text is StartNode; field1, field2, ... field N. The StartNode is the path from the root element to the element containing the innermost detail row to be returned in the result set. The fields are the attributes of the element specified by the StartNode. A field can also be a path combined with an element or attribute name.
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When performing large-scale migrations, you may wish to create and use an account dedicated to that purpose. That way, if the SharePoint Migration Tool can t validate an author or last-modified-by account, it will substitute the name of the dedicated account rather than yours. For example, if you create an account named SharePoint Migration and then use that account to restore a site, team members will see SharePoint Migration as the author of list items whose author was unavailable.
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4 word, IntelliSense should bring up textBox1.
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modems, as discussed in 8.
The dimensions and the cube you ll create in this chapter and in 5, Designing Measure Groups and Measures, are based on a simple Microsoft SQL Server database supplied on this book s companion CD. The database file (SSAS Step by Step DW.mdf) is an extremely simplified version of the Adventure Works DW database that ships with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, with a few modifications to aid your exploration of Analysis Services. The SSAS Step by Step DW database is small enough that you should be able to clearly understand its structure, but it illustrates the common dimension types that are the focus of this chapter. The SSAS Step by Step DW database contains data for a fictitious manufacturing company called Adventure Works. It is designed as a small data warehouse to support analysis of products, customers, employees, financial accounting, sales, and much more. The following table
Session( username ) = Francesco
m.Label = txtLabel.Text
A Public BBS
that runs a SharePoint site must use an account that has authority to create, read, and update accounts in the Active Directory organization unit that you configure Account Creation to use.
Managing Content
The red circle around the value in cell K4 disappears. CLEAN UP Save the Credit workbook, and then close it. If you are not continuing directly to the next chapter, exit Excel.
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