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Your screen looks like this:
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The result of this query is shown in Figure 26-11.
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Creating Advanced Measures and Calculations
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Notice that the SQL Server 2005 build number is listed as 9.00.1399.06. In a later error log, after SP1 has been applied, the following is observed:
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Dim ddlPublishers As DropDownList = _
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11. On the right side of the table, click the Add New Column column heading.
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Removing Active Directory from a server.
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Changing the network connectivity You can set network adapters to be either internal (cluster) communication only, public, or both. Network priorities You can set the cluster up to favor one network over others.
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9: Functionality 123
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Object-Oriented Programming
Datacenter isn t a do-it-yourself project The hardware support provided by the Datacenter Edition requires that each server manufacturer create a custom hardware abstraction layer (HAL). Datacenter Edition, in fact, is available only directly from a hardware vendor as part of a new server purchase. Once the vendor configures the server, you are not allowed to make any changes to the hardware without the vendor s authorization, and the vendor provides all support.
Part IV
Figure 2-6
This chapter concludes our long journey across the Visual Basic .NET language and the new object-oriented extensions. Now you have all the tools you need to start exploring the .NET Framework to see how you can write powerful applications easily with the many classes that it gives to developers.
When the subscription is delivered, the Last Run and Status columns are updated. The number of deliveries and the number of errors (if any) are displayed in the Status column. 22. If you re using a local SMTP Server, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop folder, and double-click the e-mail file (with extension .eml) located there. Otherwise, if you re using a local POP3 Server, navigate to the C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Mailbox\ folder. 23. If you re using SMTP, check the timestamp of the new e-mail files, and then double-click the first e-mail file that was generated at the time that the data-driven subscription executed. If using POP3, open the P3_PacificDirector.mbx. Your screen looks similar this:
2. In Solution Explorer, right-click the My Adventure Works project, and then click Properties. 3. In the My Adventure Works Property Pages dialog box, type http://localhost /ReportServer as the TargetServerURL so the dialog box looks like this:
The @Page directive contains an attribute named EnableViewStateMac, whose only purpose is making the view state a bit more secure by detecting any possible attempt at corrupting the original data. When serialized, and if EnableViewStateMac is set to true, the view state is appended with a validator hash string based on the algorithm and the key defined in the <machineKey> section of the configuration file. The resulting array of bytes, which is the output of the StateBag s binary serialization plus the hash value, is Base64 encoded. By default, the encryption algorithm to calculate the hash is SHA1, and the encryption and decryption keys are autogenerated and stored in the Web server machine s Local Security Authority (LSA) subsystem. The LSA is a protected component of Windows. It provides security services and maintains information about all aspects of local security on a system. If EnableViewStateMac is true, when the page posts back, the hash value is extracted and used to verify that the returned view state has not been tampered with on the client. If it has been, an exception is thrown. The net effect is that you might be able to read the contents of the view state, but to replace it you need the encryption key, which is in the Web server s LSA. The MAC in the name of the EnableViewStateMac property stands for Machine Authentication Check, which is enabled by default. If you disable the attribute, an attacker could alter the view-state information on the client and send a modified version to the server and have ASP.NET blissfully use that tampered-with information. To reinforce the security of the view state, you can use the ViewStateUserKey property. The property evaluates to a user-specific string (typically, the session ID) that is known on the server and hard to guess on the client. ASP.NET uses the content of the property as an input argument to the hash algorithm that generates the MAC code.
To Jump to the beginning or end of a report Scroll the previous or next page Jump to a specific page Change the size of the report page Do this Click the First Page or Last Page button. Click the Previous Page or Next Page button. Type a page number in the Current Page box, and then press Enter. Select a percentage in the size drop-down list. You can also select Page Width if you want the report resized to fit the horizontal width of your browser, or select Whole Page if you want the report resized to fit vertically within your browser. Type the search string in the Find Text box, and then click Find. This is available only when you enter a search string. Click Next. As with Find, this is not available until you enter a search string and click Find once. Click the desired format in the format drop-down list, and then click Export.
You are a desktop support technician at Fourth Coffee. One of your finance users, Ken Malcolmson, calls to complain that a program he s trying to run doesn t work properly. Ken tells you about the problem: I downloaded this tool, ExcelAnalyzer.exe, to analyze one of my spreadsheets. It doesn t need to be installed or anything, I just run the executable file and then pick the spreadsheet that I need to analyze. It s giving me an Access Denied error, however, when I attempt to generate a report. What s wrong You verify that Ken is logged on as a member of the standard Users group and is not an administrator. You test the ExcelAnalyzer.exe tool, and you don t receive a UAC prompt.
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