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SQL Server maintains a set of tables that store information about all the objects, data types, constraints, con guration options, and resources available to SQL Server. In SQL Server 2008, these tables are called the system base tables. Some of the system base tables exist only in the master database and contain system-wide information, and others exist in every database (including master) and contain information about the objects and resources belonging to that particular database. Beginning with SQL Server 2005, the system base tables are not always visible by default, in master or any other database. You won t see them when you expand the tables node in the Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio, and unless you are a system administrator, you won t see them when you execute the sp_help system procedure. If you log in as a system administrator and select from the catalog view (discussed shortly) called sys.objects, you can see the names of all the system tables. For example, the following query returns 58 rows of output on my SQL Server 2008 instance:
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The HyperLink, Image, Button, LinkButton, and ImageButton Controls
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What Can You Back Up with Windows Easy Transfer
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Once the table is populated, you can select only the columns of interest, as follows:
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Part III
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In the previous section, you read about resource allocation, discovered what causes overallocation, and resolved an overallocation manually. Resource leveling is the process of delaying or splitting a resource s work on a task to resolve an overallocation. The options in the Level Resources dialog box enable you to set parameters concerning
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Foundations of PKI
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Figure 19-1. If you install the Web Part Templates for Visual Studio .NET on a machine not running Windows SharePoint Services, you ll need to supply a local copy of Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and provide its location on this wizard page.
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m essage box r est art s t he t im er for anot her t hree elapsed t im er ev ent s. When t he user clicks Yes in t he m essage box , t he t im er rem ains st alled. Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click This procedure and the next one require an Imports System.Timer statement and a module-level declaration for the Server timer. Initialize TextBox1 to 0, if text box has default name. If TextBox1.Text = TextBox1 Then TextBox1.Text = 0" End If Declare handler (MyTimer_Elapsed) for the elapsed event for MyTimer. AddHandler MyTimer.Elapsed, AddressOf MyTimer_Elapsed Enable MyTimer to fire an elapsed event every 3 milliseconds. MyTimer.SynchronizingObject = Nothing MyTimer.Enabled = True MyTimer.Interval = 3 End Sub Sub MyTimer_Elapsed(ByVal source As Object, _ ByVal e As ElapsedEventArgs) Specify what should happen when MyTimer fires its Elapsed event. Start incrementing quantity in TextBox1. TextBox1.Text = (CInt(TextBox1.Text) + 1).ToString After adding three units, check whether to stop MyTimer permanently; initial stop is to suspend incrementing while waiting for user input. If (CInt(TextBox1.Text) Mod 3 = 0) Then MyTimer.Stop() If MsgBoxResult.No = MsgBox( Want to stop ", _ MsgBoxStyle.YesNo) Then MyTimer.Start() End If End If End Sub I f t he user click s t he Open Form 1 but t on, t he pr ocedur e shows Form 1 and closes Form 3. The code for t his Click ev ent follows t he sam e pat t ern of ear lier sam ples. Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Close current form and open Form1. Dim frmForm1 As New Form1() frmForm1.Show() Me.Close() End Sub
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Real World How Do I Move Logins
Performance counters and alerts (just like in previous versions of Windows) Event trace data showing detailed debugging information Registry settings showing system and application configuration
This behavior differs from that of Visual Basic 6, in which a property implemented as either a Public field or a pair of property procedures is never modified if passed to a ByRef argument. Visual Basic .NET property syntax is the same whether the property returns a simple value or an object. After all, everything is an object in the .NET Framework. Therefore, you don t have to worry about the many syntax variations that exist under Visual Basic 6, for which a Variant property can map to three distinct Property procedures. For example, the following Spouse property can return a Person object that represents the wife or husband of the current Person object:
Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title 5
3: Creating Your First Application
Each entity contains a collection of attributes corresponding to the collection of columns in the related table as well as special attributes not found in the data source view, such as expressions or aggregations. For each numeric attribute in the model, the Report Model Wizard creates Total, Avg, Min, and Max numeric aggregations. In addition, year, quarter, month, and day variations, as well as a first and last aggregation, are created for date attributes. These additional attributes add flexibility to the report model and reduce the amount of work required to produce the desired results in a report. A symbol in front of each attribute indicates its data type, as described in the following list:
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