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User profiles can be configured as local, mandatory, or roaming, each of which has its pluses and minuses, as you ll learn in 37, Managing Users, Groups, and Computers. Unfortunately, there are some quirks about profiles that make them less than fun things to deal with. For example, if you are using EFS, you pretty much have to use a roaming profile (unless you copy your encryption certificate to every machine you use seriously). But roaming profiles can grow quite large (which slows you down), and they can break (which can ruin your day). So, sometimes when you are using a roaming profile, such as when you are on a slow connection, you ll want to be able to say, Hey, don t use my roaming profile! In Windows Server 2003, you can configure Group Policy to handle this and other similar profile tasks for you. For starters, you can specify that only local user profiles should be used on a particular computer, which ensures roaming profiles are loaded only when you want them to be. You can also specify through policy that the system must prompt you before downloading a roaming profile when a slow link is detected (and you can configure policy that specifies exactly what a slow link is; i.e., whether it is a 56 kilobits per second [Kbps], 128 Kbps, or 512 Kbps connection). To make changes to Group Policy, you use the Group Policy Object Editor, which is discussed in 38.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
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security mechanism is based on a public key encryption method, but you don t have to be a cryptography wizard to create assemblies with strong names. You generate strong name assemblies in a two-step process. First, you run the Strong Name (SN) command-line utility to create an .snk file that contains a random-generated public and private key pair. Second, you tell the compiler that the public key in that .snk file must be burned into the executable file. You generate a random public and private key pair by using the k option of the SN utility, which is located in the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Bin directory:
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Click the Layout tab. In the Toolbox window, click Image. Click the top right corner of the report body just below the line and to the right of the textbox you created as a report header. The Image Wizard is launched. Click the Next button.
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The reason you can t declare your own default constructor for a structure is that the compiler always generates one. In a class, the compiler generates the default constructor only if you don t write a constructor yourself. The compiler-generated default constructor for a structure always sets the elds to 0, false, or null just as for a class. Therefore, you should ensure that a structure value created by the default constructor behaves logically and makes sense with these default values. If you don t want to use these default values, you can initialize elds to different values by providing a nondefault constructor. However, if you don t initialize a eld in your nondefault structure constructor, the compiler won t initialize it for you. This means that you must explicitly initialize all the elds in all your nondefault structure constructors or you ll get a compile-time error. For example, although the following example would compile and silently initialize seconds to 0 if Time were a class, because Time is a structure, it fails to compile:
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The DataAdapter Class
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The GridView is the successor to the DataGrid control and provides its same set of basic capabilities, plus a long list of extensions and improvements. As mentioned, the DataGrid which is still fully supported in ASP.NET is an extremely powerful and versatile control. However, it has one big drawback: it requires you to write a lot of custom code, even to handle relatively simple and common operations such as paging, sorting, editing, or deleting data. The GridView control was designed to work around this limitation and make two-way data binding happen with as little code as possible. The control is tightly coupled to the family of new data source controls, and it can handle direct data source updates as long as the underlying data source object supports these capabilities. This virtually codeless two-way data binding is by far the most notable feature of the new GridView control, but other enhancements are numerous. The GridView control is an improvement over the DataGrid control also because it has the ability to define multiple primary key fields, new column types, and style and templating options. The GridView also has an extended eventing model that allows you to handle or cancel events such as inserting, deleting, updating, paging, and more.
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3. Move the slider to Scheduled MOLAP, and then click Options. The Storage Options dialog box looks like this:
Discover what makes a good programmer and what makes a great one. See what computers are all about. Find out why C# is a language you can love and Microsoft XNA is a framework you can adore. Get your system set up so that you can write code. Run your first XNA program.
All CA computers in the CA hierarchy must implement FIPS 140-2 level 3 protection for the CA key material. The root and policy CAs are maintained at the City Power and Light head office in Chicago.
The MarginPercent parameter value, which can be changed at run time by the user, replaces the fixed value of 0.15. Now the conditional formatting will depend on the value of the parameter supplied by the user to determine whether the margin percentage value in the report is displayed in red or black. Copy the expression to the Clipboard so that you can easily update the footer rows, and then click the OK button. Click the Margin % cell in the table1_SubCategory footer, and then while pressing the CTRL key, click the same cell in the table1_Category footer and in the table footer to select all three cells. Paste the expression from the Clipboard into the Color property. Select only the Margin % cell in the table footer, click Expression in the Color property list box, and then edit the expression to replace Black with White, as shown here:
4. Where should the Web Server certificate(s) be deployed for the employee benefits Web site For the employee benefits Web site, a separate Web Server certificate must be installed at each computer in the cluster: DALTXIIS02, AMSNLIIS01, and TORONIIS01. 5. How do you implement certificate mapping for the customer billing Web site Certificate mapping should be deployed by using Active Directory mapping. The same certificate mappings are required at any of the three Web servers. 6. If you perform an implicit certificate mapping, what form of name must be included in the Subject or the Subject Alternative Name extension of the user certificate Does the Smart Card User certificate template meet this condition The Subject Alternative Name must include the user s UPN in the certificate s Subject Alternative Name extension. The Smart Card User certificate does meet this requirement, as the user s UPN is also required in the certificate to support smart card login. 7. What subject is required for the Web Server certificate for the customer billing system Web site The subject of the customer billing system Web site s certificate must be 8. What subjects are required for the Web Server certificate for the employee benefits Web site The subject of the three employee benefits Web site s certificates must be You can deploy the same Web Server certificate and private key at each Web server or deploy individual certificates and private keys at each Web server.
In the following exercise, you will use events to simplify the program you completed in the rst exercise. You will add an event eld to the Ticker class and delete its Add and Remove methods. You will then modify the Clock.Start and Clock.Stop methods to subscribe to the event. You will also examine the Timer object, used by the Ticker class to obtain a pulse once each second.
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Provided that the server has a license, it will give the license to the terminal server, which in turn issues it to the client. Client access licenses provided by Terminal Services are issued per device or per user, so the way licensing works depends on the licensing configuration which can be mixed and matched as necessary. With per-device licensing, the license is valid only for a particular computer and will be validated in the future to the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the machine on which the client is running. With per-user licensing, the license is valid only for that user and will be validated in the future to the GUID of the user s account. Note
Monitoring the distributor is done via the Windows performance monitor (perfmon). Within perfmon there are a number of objects that are added when SQL Server replication is present. These objects are the following:
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