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Applying a Theme
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Shaded sidebars throughout the book provide more indepth information about the content. The sidebars might contain background information, design tips, or features related to the information being discussed. Each chapter ends with an In Summary section that briefly reviews what you learned in the current chapter and previews what the next chapter will present.
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Part II:
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hireDates(3) = employees(3).HireDate
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In the same Query Editor window, begin this update transaction with a 15-second delay before committing. This update normally blocks a query of the same data when read committed isolation is used without the snapshot option. This will show what happens when the snapshot option is enabled:
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4. If you want to inform other people about the location of the shared notebook at this time, click E-mail A Link. Otherwise, click No, Thanks. If you click E-mail A Link, your default e-mail program starts, if it isn t already running, and creates an e-mail message with the subject Invitation to OneNote notebook. The message body includes a link to the shared notebook.
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website includes evaluation, deployment, and IT administration information for the Microsoft EPM solutions. Find them on the Web at, and then navigate to the Project Server page.
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Page Composition and Usability
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FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions installed. This could be a different virtual server on the same computer that runs your SharePoint site.
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Enabling Shadow Copying from the Command Line
Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
Use the Dimension Wizard to create the Account dimension
CREATE TABLE smallrows ( a int identity, b char(10) ); GO INSERT INTO smallrows VALUES ('row 1'); INSERT INTO smallrows VALUES ('row 2'); INSERT INTO smallrows VALUES ('row 3'); INSERT INTO smallrows VALUES ('row 4'); INSERT INTO smallrows VALUES ('row 5'); GO
$.getJSON("http://someserver/GetCustomer js= ", function () { // Place your code here that processes the response ... })
Group policy can manage access and configuration of offline files more efficiently than the methods mentioned previously. You can use Offline Files to manage the most common user data, including Application Data, My Documents, the Start Menu, and the Desktop. Offline Files policy objects are located in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\ Offline Files, and in User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files. When you use Group Policy to manage user data via Offline Files, be aware that precedence and dependencies are varied. For example: If you enable Prohibit User Configuration Of Offline Files in User Configuration, but enable it in Computer Configuration, offline files will be enabled, because the Computer Configuration setting has precedence over the User Configuration setting.
ASP.NET Pages and Server Controls
Height Margin Width
Windows Forms Applications
4 The system then opens a command prompt. In the command prompt, enter the password for the designated user account. The desktop will restart, and the Start menu, taskbar, and system tray will return as well. 5 Don t exit the Task Manager; you ll need it again and exiting it could cause the Windows operating system to freeze. So, instead of closing Task Manager, minimize it while you use the desktop in the new context. 6 When you are ready to return to the previous desktop, use Task Manager to shut down Explorer.exe again. Afterward, click New Task in the Applications tab, and then in the Create New Task dialog box, type explorer.exe. This returns the desktop to normal.
Horizontal and vertical rulers are displayed across the top and down the left side of the Slide pane. The 0 mark on each ruler indicates the center of the slide. For clarity, we will refer to marks to the left of or above 0 as negative marks.
Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
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