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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
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A site is a group of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) subnets that are implemented to control directory replication traffic and isolate logon authentication traffic between physical network locations. Each subnet that is part of a site should be connected by reliable, high-speed links. Any business location connected over slow or unreliable links should be part of a separate site. Because of this, individual sites typically represent the individual local area networks (LANs) within an organization, and the wide area network (WAN) links between business locations typically mark the boundaries of these sites. However, sites can be used in other ways as well. Sites do not reflect the Active Directory namespace. Domain and site boundaries are separate. From a network topology perspective, a single site can contain multiple TCP/IP subnets as well. However, a single subnet can be in only one site. This means that the following conditions apply:
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Implementing Active Directory
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dynamic previousPage = PreviousPage; var txt = previousPage.Keyword; // Keyword is inaccessible due to its protection level if (txt == null) { ... }
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To log on as the new user and copy the profile, follow these steps:
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Case Scenario 2: Troubleshooting User Account Control qr code generator source code
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int getPercentage(int percentage, int inputValue) { int result = 0; // TODO: work out answer and set result to it return result; }
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Release the mouse button to dock the Properties window. The window snaps into place in its new home.
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Part I Understanding Business Intelligence and Analysis Services
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for automatic failover to the mirrored server instance when running in synchronous mode. The three modes available to database mirroring are asynchronous, synchronous, and synchronous with automatic failover. Asynchronous mode configures all database transactions to commit changes on the principal database before sending the changes to the mirror. Conversely, synchronous mode will send the transaction to the mirror and await acknowledgement that the mirror had committed the transaction on its database before committing on the principal database. With synchronous with automatic failover mode, the witness comes into play. If the witness notices any failures with the heartbeat of the principal server, it automatically fails over the active control of the database to the mirror. This is one of the key benefits that mirroring has over log shipping. With this type of failover, no code change is necessary for your client applications. The failover is transparent to the client. Moreover, the risk of data loss is decreased with database mirroring.
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Sometimes you might prefer to work out the cube design before building and populating the relational database used to load the cube with data. You ll use this approach to create a cube later in this chapter. You will not create a relational database structure for your cube until after you design the cube. Once you understand your project s requirements so that you can build the cube properly, you can create the cube, allow Analysis Services to create an empty source database, import the appropriate data from the SSAS Step by Step DW relational database, and finally process the cube so that you can see the results from the cube. The analysis objective of your first project is to enable users to analyze sales dollars and the number of products sold by product and by time. Your cube will need two measures Sales Dollars and Sales Units. As you learned in 1, Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, a measure is a numeric value that will be summarized in the cube. You will also need two dimensions Product and Time. In 1, you learned that a dimension consists of attributes that group measure values. The Product dimension you create will use standard attributes as defined by the wizard template. The Time dimension you create should support both calendar and fiscal calendars which include date, month, quarter, and year attributes organized into appropriate hierarchies.
You will not be able to add a subscription to a report unless it uses stored credentials. Click the Subscriptions tab. Your screen looks like this:
Getting Started with Reporting Services
button. Change the control s properties using the following table:
Ov e r vie w of Fir st a nd Se con d W e b Re le a se s
Infrastructure of the Application
each task s start and finish dates. (To do this, on the View tab, in the Data group, click Tables and then click Variance.)
Reserved folders Home, My Reports, and Users Folders cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted. The latter two folders are created only if you enable My Reports on the Report Server. To enable My Reports in Report Manager, click Site Settings in the upper right corner of the
One set of tasks in the plan that could be cut without affecting the result of the new book plan is task 40 and its subtasks, Design book s companion website. The remaining cost of this work is slightly more than the $5,000 you ve been asked to cut from the plan. After consulting with the project s sponsors, you all agree that this looks like a good set of tasks to remove from the plan.
Parameter Year
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