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Product Version : 9.00.1399.06 Log File : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files\SQLSetup0003_HOTH_SQLNCLI_1.log ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Machine Product Install : HOTH : Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components : Successful
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What I described so far covers the fundamentals of update operations in a disconnected fashion, but there s much more to know. In fact, I dare say that each application poses its special challenges, and it s up to you to find the best solution in each specific circum stance. Fortunately, the more I work with ADO.NET, the more I realize that it s far more flexible than I first suspected. In this section, I ll present a few sophisticated techniques that can improve your application s performance and scalability even further.
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24. In Windows Explorer, double-click the second e-mail file that was generated for the data-driven subscription if using the local SMTP server or open the P3_NADirector.mbx mailbox to retrieve the message there. Your screen looks similar this:
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Part IV:
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1 With the Windows Server 2003 CD in the CD-ROM drive, click the Start menu, and then click Run. This displays the Run dialog box.
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Principal The principal is the originating database in the mirror pair. There can be only one principal database, and it has to be on a separate SQL Server instance than the mirror database. Mirror The mirror is the receiving database in the mirror pair. Every DML and
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Right-click the Salary of Reports cell in the detail row, and then click Expression. Change the expression so that it looks like this:
Table 16-6 enumerates all the properties exposed by the HttpContext class. The class represents a single entry point for a number of intrinsic objects such as classic ASP intrinsics and ASP.NET-specific Cache and User objects.
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decide that only the pub_name and city fields appear when the grid is displaying data from the Publishers table, and only the title and price columns appear when the user navigates to the child Titles table. Or you might have multiple styles that can be applied when the DataGrid is bound to the Publishers (or the Titles) table. You can create a DataGridTableStyle object at design time with Visual Studio .NET by clicking on the TableStyles item in the Properties window (left portion of Figure 16-23). A given table style is applied when the DataGrid s DataMember property is equal to the value of the DataGridTableStyle s MappingName property, so it s essential that this lat ter property matches the DataMember property exactly, including character casing. Once you have set the appearance of a table style, you can define what columns should be displayed by clicking on the GridColumnStyles element in the DataGridTa bleStyles Collection Editor window. In the window that appears, you add a DataGridTextBoxColumn object to the table styles by clicking the Add button, and set the MappingName for this column (that is, the name of the bound field this column must display). You may also want to assign a few other properties, such as Width, ReadOnly (True if the column can t be edited), HeaderText (the caption of the column header), Alignment (the column alignment), NullText (the string to be used for null values), and Format (how the bound value must be formatted; you can use any argument you can pass to the ToString method, as explained in 7). In addition to the DataGridTextBoxColumn class, the .NET Framework provides the DataGridBoolColumn class, which renders the bound value as a CheckBox control. This class has all the properties just mentioned for the DataGridTextBoxColumn class, except Format. You can also decide whether you want to support Null values in a DataGridBoolColumn object by setting its AllowNull property. You decide which column type you want to add when you click on the Add button in the DataGridColumnStyle Collection Editor window. Later in this section, I ll show you how you can create a custom column style that displays a control other than TextBox or CheckBox.
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