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Preparing for an Upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003
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class Circle { public Circle() { radius = 0; }
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Class Report Public Sub Print() OnPrintHeader() OnPrintBody() OnPrintFooter() End Sub Protected Overridable Sub OnPrintHeader() End Sub Protected Overridable Sub OnPrintBody() End Sub Protected Overridable Sub OnPrintFooter() End Sub End Class
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In general, ask yourself what could happen to cause significant problems along the way. Then, more important, consider what you would do in response. By thinking through potential problems ahead of time, and planning what you might do in response, you can be prepared for many of the inevitable bumps along the way.
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Create a new rule by clicking the New Rule button. Change a rule by clicking the rule and then clicking the Edit Rule button. Remove a rule by clicking the rule and then clicking the Delete Rule button. Move a rule up or down in the order by clicking the rule and then clicking the
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If the record count is incorrect, error 8919 is reported. If the ghost record count is incorrect, error 8927 is reported. The free space count is checked against the corresponding byte in the relevant PFS page. If the two do not match, error 8914 is reported, as shown here:
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Tip You can use security creatively if you want to control access to reports within Report Manager. You can block users from viewing the folder that contains the report in your application so that users can neither see nor open that folder in Report Manager. However, you can grant permission to the report within that folder so that it can be accessed directly by an application. (It can also be accessed directly by URL). This technique is useful when you have reports that you display in a controlled interface, such as the parameter interface implemented here. 23 Close the browser window.
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The Series Group sorts the SubCategory values in alphabetical order. The Chart Properties dialog box now looks like this:
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11 Right-click the AdventureWorks.VB.Extensions solution in Solution
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Similarly, you can declare a property that contains only a set accessor. In this case, you can use the property only in a write context. For example, here s the X property of the ScreenPosition structure declared as a write-only property:
The list of tools for dependency injection is quite long in the .NET space nowadays. Most of these tools provide the same set of core functionalities and are, to a large extent, equivalent. Choosing one is often a matter of preference, skill level, and perhaps your comfort with the exposed API. There are some who prefer simplicity and speed and opt for Autofac or Ninject. Others would opt for rich functionality and go for Spring.NET or Castle Windsor. Another
Your recommended design
The IP filters, IP filter lists, and filter actions you create for an IPSec rule can be shared with other IPSec rules. You can also create and configure these features outside of the Security Rule Wizard. To do so, right-click the IP Security Policies node in Local Security Policy or a GPO, and then click Manage IP Filter Lists And Filter Actions, as shown in Figure 10-13.
Certificate Requirements for SSL
13. In the last row, click the first cell, hold down the Shift key, and then press the Right
In specialized and high-use situations, you might want to reserve space in the intermediate index pages to avoid page splits there, too. You can do this by specifying the PAD_INDEX option, which instructs SQL Server to use the same FILLFACTOR value at all levels of the index. Just as for FILLFACTOR, PAD_INDEX is applicable only when an index is created (or re-created). When you create a table that includes PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraints, you can specify whether the associated index is clustered or nonclustered, and you can also specify the llfactor. Because the llfactor applies only at the time the index is created, and because there is no data when you rst create the table, it might seem that specifying the llfactor at that time is completely useless. However, if you decide to rebuild your indexes after the table is populated and if no new llfactor is speci ed, the original value is used. You can also specify a llfactor when you use ALTER TABLE to add a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint to a table; if the table already has data in it, the llfactor value is applied when you build the index to support the new constraint. DROP_EXISTING The DROP_EXISTING option speci es that a given index should be dropped and rebuilt as a single transaction. This option is particularly useful when you rebuild clustered indexes. Normally, when a developer drops a clustered index, SQL Server must rebuild every nonclustered index to change its bookmarks to RIDs instead of the clustering keys. Then, if a developer builds (or rebuilds) a clustered index, SQL Server must again rebuild all nonclustered indexes to update the bookmarks. The DROP_EXISTING option of the CREATE INDEX command allows a clustered index to be rebuilt without having to rebuild the nonclustered indexes twice. If you are creating the index on exactly the same keys that it had previously, the nonclustered indexes do not need to be rebuilt at all. If you are changing the key de nition, the nonclustered indexes are rebuilt only once, after the clustered index is rebuilt. Instead of using the DROP_EXISTING option to rebuild an existing index, you can use the ALTER INDEX command. SORT_IN_TEMPDB The SORT_IN_TEMPDB option allows you to control where SQL Server performs the sort operation on the key values needed to build an index. The default is that SQL Server uses space from the legroup on which the index is to be created. While the index is being built, SQL Server scans the data pages to nd the key values and then builds leaf-level index rows in internal sort buffers. When these sort buffers are lled, they are written to disk. If the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option is speci ed, the sort buffers are allocated from tempdb, so much less space is needed in the source database. If you don t specify SORT_IN_TEMPDB, not only does your source database require enough free space for the sort buffers and a copy of the index (or the data, if a clustered index is being built), but the disk heads for the database need to move back and forth between the base table pages and the work area where the sort buffers are stored. If, instead, your CREATE INDEX command includes the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option, performance can be greatly improved if your tempdb database is on a separate physical disk from the database you re working with. You can optimize head movement because two separate heads read the base table pages and manage the sort buffers. You can speed up index creation even more if your tempdb database is on a faster disk than your user database and you use the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option.
Console.WriteLine(f.ToString()); Console.WriteLine(98.765F.ToString());
Figure 21-19. Confirm that you want to replace the existing permissions on subfolders and files.
The DataPager control heralds a new model for paging data-bound controls that is quite a bit different from the model employed by GridView controls. The user interface for paging is not part of the control, but it can be placed anywhere in the page and even driven through the query string. The DataPager control is linked to the data-bound control being paged and lets this control know about the user selection. Subsequently, the paged control adjusts its row properties and passes the information back to the data pager. Figure 11-12 shows a data pager in action.
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