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A DiffGram is a piece of XML that describes changes in a DataSet. Consider the follow ing code:
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IntelliSense Auto-Using Statements
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In addition to the PostBackUrl property of button controls, ASP.NET provides another mechanism for transferring control and values from one page to another you can use the Server.Transfer method. The URL of the new page is not reflected by the browser s address bar because the transfer takes place entirely on the server. The following code shows how to use the method to direct a user to another page:
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We want to use the original value in each DataRow.
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RCSI does not require any change in your applications. All that is needed is one change to the database options. Any of your applications written using the default Read Committed isolation level automatically uses RCSI after making the change at the database level.
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Replication Data
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ByVal destFile As String, ByVal includeIV As Boolean) Dim souFs, desFs As FileStream Dim cs As CryptoStream Const BUFFERSIZE As Integer = 4096 Try Open source and destination streams. souFs = New FileStream(sourceFile, FileMode.Open) desFs = New FileStream(destFile, FileMode.Create) Write the (unencrypted) IV to the output file, if so requested.
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The folder opens in Filmstrip view because the folder has been set up as a Photo Album. Troubleshooting If your folder does not look like this, click the Views button on the toolbar, and click Filmstrip.
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Before you can view the results of design changes that you make to database objects in Visual Studio, you must use the Deploy command to move these objects to an Analysis Server where they are processed as necessary. When the development cycle is complete, you can change the project properties in Visual Studio to specify the target production server. Then you can use the Deploy command to deploy and process the database in the new location. There are several other deployment methods you can use to place a database on an Analysis Server. For instance, you can create an XML file that defines all database objects by using Visual Studio s Build command and then use the build output file with the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard. This wizard creates a deployment script that you can run interactively or save for execution at a later time. Another option is simply to back up the database on one server and restore it to another server. Alternatively, you can use SQL Server Management Studio s Synchronize Database Wizard. Any of these options is a good choice when you only need to deploy a database once. When your analytical solution requires multiple copies of the same database, a programmatic approach makes the task of deploying many databases much easier. One option is to build an
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errMsg = errMsg.Replace(ControlChars.CrLf, <BR /> )
class Tally { public Tally() { this.instanceCount++; } ~Tally() { this.instanceCount--; } public static int InstanceCount() { return this.instanceCount; } ... private static int instanceCount = 0; }
The most frequent value of the VaryByCustom attribute is browser, which causes a difZ ferent cached version of the page to be created for each different brand and version of the browser that requests the page:
1 In the DNS console, connect to the DNS server handling the zone for the parent domain of your forest root, such as rather than 2 Right-click the server entry, and select Create Default Application Directory Partitions. The DNS dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure 27-24.
Create the user interface for the Suppliers application
Class Fundamentals
Once the CA is enabled for archival, you can create and publish certificate templates that enable key archival. To enable key archival in a certificate template, the first thing that you must do is set the purpose of the certificate template to either Encryption or Signature and Encryption. Key archival is only possible for certificate templates with these purposes. In fact, if the certificate template s purpose is Signature or Signature and Smart Card Logon, it is not possible to enable key archival for the certificate template. Once you define the purpose of the certificate template as Encryption or Signature and Encryption, the following properties must be configured on the Request Handling tab of the certificate template:
sc.TransactionTimeout = 60 One minute
To modify the functional level of a forest, right-click the Active Directory Domains
<asp:CustomValidator runat="server" id="membershipValidator" ControlToValidate="membership" ClientValidationFunction="CheckMembership" OnServerValidate="ServerValidation" ErrorMessage="Membership can be Normal, Silver, Gold, or Platinum." />
Understanding the C# Language
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