Figure 26-16 The Cluster Name And Domain page. in .net C#

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Range The range of a given type sets out the largest and smallest values that can be held in a variable of that type. Each C# type has a particular range, and one of the tasks for a programmer is to select a type with a range that is appropriate for the data they wish to store. Reference A reference is a bit like a tag that can be attached to an instance of a class. The reference has a particular name. C# uses a reference to find its way to an instance of the class and use its methods and data.
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1. Click the Design button to display the CustomerData.aspx Web form in the Design View window, and then click the CustomerGrid control. 2. In the Properties window, set the AllowPaging property to True. A footer is added to the CustomerGrid control containing a pair of page numbers. This footer is referred to as the pager. The style shown for the footer is the default format, composed of page numbers that the user can click. 3. Expand the PagerSettings composite property. You can use the values in this property to customize the format of the page navigation links. You can specify page navigation links in two ways: as page numbers or as next/previous page arrows. Set the Mode property to NumericFirstLast to display page numbers with the rst and last page arrows displayed to enable the user to move quickly to the start or end of the data. Set the PageButtonCount subproperty to 5; this will cause page links to be displayed in groups of ve. (You will see what this does when you run the Web application in a moment.) If you want to use next/previous page arrows, you can change the default text displayed ( > and < ) by modifying the values of the NextPageText and PreviousPageText properties. Similarly, you can change the text displayed for the rst and last page links by editing the FirstPageText and LastPageText properties. Notice that the values in these properties require encoding as HTML characters; otherwise, they will not be displayed properly (for example, the > symbol must be speci ed as > ). If you prefer, you can also specify the name of an image le in the FirstPageImageUrl, LastPageImageUrl, PreviousPageImageUrl, and NextPageImageUrl properties. The page navigation links will appear as buttons containing these images if supported by the browser. 4. In the Properties window, set the PageSize property to 8. This setting causes the CustomerGrid to fetch and display data in eight-row chunks. 5. Expand the PagerStyle composite property. You can use this property to specify how the pager should be formatted. Set the HorizontalAlign subproperty to Left. The numbers in the pager move to the left margin in the CustomerGrid control.
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The simplest way to test the BankMoneyMover application remotely is to copy the Cli entDemo.exe executable to the client machine and run it from there. If everything has been installed properly, you ll see the icons representing the MoneyMover component spinning in the server s MMC snap-in when the client invokes the component s methods.
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Linking Information with Interactive Features
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Part I
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Set default location You choose a specific location to which all Web notes are
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The Table Definition dialog box appears.
8: Putting It All Together with Components
FIGURE 7-5 Throw ng a Nu ReferenceExcept on.
Manually Creating a New Wireless Network Profile
type of object to create, such as Computer, Group, or User.
="Filtered by: "+Parameters!Category.Label
If you run the usecounts query, you see that only the multistatement function has its plan reused. The inline function is actually treated like a view, and the only way the plan can be reused would be if the exact same query were reexecuted; that is, if the same SELECT statement called the function with the exact same parameter.
Type the following program lines between the Private Sub and End Sub statements, pressing Enter after each line, indenting with Tab, and taking care to type the program statements exactly as they appear here. (The Code Editor will scroll to the left as you enter the longer lines.) If you make a mistake (usually identified by jagged underline), delete the incorrect statements and try again.
1 In Disk Management Graphical View, right-click an area marked Unallocated on a basic disk, and then choose New Partition. This starts the New Partition Wizard. Click Next. 2 The only option you have for partition type is Primary, which is what you want to use, so click Next. 3 Use the Assign Drive Letter Or Path page to assign a drive letter or path. You can also choose Do Not Assign A Drive Letter Or Drive Path To if you want to create the partition without assigning a drive letter or path. Click Next. 4 Use the Format Partition page to set the formatting options. If you opt not to format the partition at this time you can format the partition later as discussed in the section entitled Formatting a Partition, Logical Drive, or Volume earlier in this chapter. 5 Click Next. The final page shows you the options you ve selected. If the options are correct, click Finish. The wizard then creates the partition and configures it.
This feature changes the appearance of a Data View Web Part field based on its own value or that of other fields in the same row. For example, you can make negative numbers appear in red, specified values appear in boldface, or values outside a certain range invisible. To make use of conditional formatting:
Part VI
The path of requests sent to IIS
Using Designated Replication Partners
Processing Posted Data
The dbo.DimProductCategory and dbo.DimProductSubcategory tables are already selected as related tables because these two tables are joined to the main table, dbo.DimProduct, in the selected DSV. Because you want to include attributes from these two tables in the dimension, you should accept the default selection of these tables on this page. 8. Click Next, and then, on the Select Dimension Attributes page of the wizard, select the check box next to the following attributes: Color, List Price, and Size. All columns from the main table and related tables are available for selection as dimension attributes. You can choose all columns from all tables, or you can select a few of the available columns. 9. Select the check box to the left of Dim Product Subcategory, and then, in the same row, click dbo.DimProductCategory.EnglishProductSubcategoryName in the Attribute Name Column drop-down list. Note
If the statements between Monitor.Enter and Monitor.Exit are likely to raise an excep tion, you should put all the code in a Try End Try block because it s imperative that you always release the lock. If a thread calls the Interrupt method on another thread currently waiting inside a Monitor.Enter method, the thread receives a ThreadInterrupt edException, which is another good reason for using a Try End Try block. The Enter and Exit methods of a Monitor object let you replace a SyncLock block but don t bring you any additional advantages. You see the extra flexibility of the Monitor class when you apply its TryEnter method. This method is similar to Enter, but the method exits and returns False if the lock can t be acquired in the specified timeout. For example, you can attempt to get the monitor lock for 10 milliseconds and then give up, without blocking the current thread indefinitely. The following code rewrites a pre vious example based on SyncLock, this time using the Monitor object, and also displays the failed attempts to acquire the lock:
PPTP packet structure
The Registry on 64-bit Windows systems The Registry on 64-bit Windows systems is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit keys. Many keys are created in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and although the keys belong to different branches of the Registry, they have the same name. On these systems, Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) is designed to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit keys. The 32-bit keys, however, are represented with the WOW64 Registry redirector and appear under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node key. If you want to work directly with the 32-bit keys, you can do so by using the 32-bit Registry editor located in the file path %SystemRoot%\Syswow64\Regedit.
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