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have another site at /depts/marketing/sales. Then:
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The LoginView control lets you define two distinct templates to show to anonymous and logged-in users. You can use the following markup to give your pages a common layout and manage the template to show when the user is logged in:
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The parentheses that surround the measure in the numerator are optional when it is not included with a dimension member to form a tuple. 21. Deploy the project, open the browser when the project is deployed, and then click Reconnect. Notice that the calculation returns the same percentages whether you explicitly use the CurrentMember function, as you did earlier in this procedure, or implicitly as you did in this calculation. An MDX expression always calculates using the context of the cell in which it s actually calculated. Each cell has a current member for each dimension. Retrieving a value from a cube requires a member from each dimension of the cube; you can use the current member for most dimensions, but you don t need to explicitly reference it in the tuple. By default, the current member of every attribute hierarchy is implicitly referenced in a tuple, making it easier to build as well as easier to read and understand.
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For readability and consistency purposes, it is best to specify the parameter names (for example, @stmt) and parameter values (for example, N'MyPlanGuide') for all the parameters of the sp_create_plan_guide procedure. Alternatively, you can specify the parameter values only for all the parameters.
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Lesson 1
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IPv4\Datagrams/sec IPv6\Datagrams/sec Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use PhysicalDisk\Disk Bytes/sec
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capacity than the mainframe computers that are one step higher in the computer hierarchy. The VAX you read about in the story at the beginning of this book is generally considered a superminicomputer. There is another one, called a Prime, and both IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation also manufacture superminicomputers. Mainframes are the machines that usually come to mind when you think "big computer." They are the ones with such names as IBM-370, DEC-20, and Prime 750. As a general rule, mainframes are the most powerful computers in widespread commercial use. They can almost always handle more than one hundred users at a time, they are faster, and they can usually store more information than a minicomputer. Supercomputers are at the very top of the heap. They are the most powerful computers in existence, and most hackers would love to find one. At the moment, however, there are only a few - the Cray and Cyber computers and a few Japanese counterparts - that qualify as supercomputers. They are used by organizations, such as NASA and the Pentagon, that have really high-powered computing requirements. Supercomputers are extremely fast, and one of their main features is their ability to perform some operations simultaneously, rather than one by one as all other computers do.
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Get Return m_columns End Get Set(ByVal Value As Integer) If Value > 0 Then m_columns = Value Me.Refresh() End If End Set
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17 ASP.NET State Management
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Active Directory Replication Store
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Note The approved list of data providers can be found in the SQL Server 2008 Books Online article Defining Data Sources, located at .
@echo off echo Add custom ACEs for the TemplateAdministrators group dsacls CN=Administrator,CN=Certificate Templates,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services, CN=Configuration,DC=example,DC=com /G example\TemplateAdministrators: SDDTRCWDWOLCWPRPCCDCWSLO dsacls CN=CA,CN=Certificate Templates,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services, CN=Configuration,DC=example,DC=com /G example\TemplateAdministrators: SDDTRCWDWOLCWPRPCCDCWSLO dsacls CN=CAExchange,CN=Certificate Templates,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services, CN=Configuration,DC=example,DC=com /G example\TemplateAdministrators: SDDTRCWDWOLCWPRPCCDCWSLO dsacls CN=CEPEncryption,CN=Certificate Templates,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services, CN=Configuration,DC=example,DC=com /G example\TemplateAdministrators: SDDTRCWDWOLCWPRPCCDCWSLO dsacls CN=ClientAuth,CN=Certificate Templates,CN=Public Key Services,CN=Services,
This service manages client requests for RIS, checks computer account configuration and the deployment method, and verifies logon credentials. Startup and shutdown of the Remote Installation service is controlled in the Services console. Configuration is performed by using RIS wizards and settings on the RIS server s computer object in Active Directory, while security is controlled by using Group Policy and NTFS file system permissions.
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Things become more interesting if you re updating a database table from a DataTable object by means of a DataAdapter and its parameterized InsertCommand and UpdateCommand properties. In this case, you should manually read back the value of an identity
The ReportServer and the corresponding ReportServerTempDB databases are created using your credentials. You need to have permissions to create a database on the SQL Server instance that you specify on this page.
Even after the performance testing is complete and the application has been released for production or for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), the job is not done until the final report is completed, submitted to the relevant stakeholders, and accepted. Frequently, these reports are very detailed and well-defined. If you did a good job of determining compliance criteria in activity 1, this should be a relatively straightforward if somewhat detailed and timeconsuming task.
ASP.NET Pages and Server Controls
Source Query Timeout Each dataset in a report has its own query timeout setting which you can edit only within Visual Studio. To change this setting, open a report in Visual Studio, click the Data tab of the report designer, select a dataset in the Dataset drop-down list, click the Edit Dataset button to the right of the dropdown list, and type a value in the Timeout box. If the query doesn t finish before the query timeout is exceeded, the report execution will fail. Use a source query timeout to protect against unexpectedly long-running queries. Report Execution Timeout Each report s execution properties include a timeout setting which you can use to override the global timeout. Alternatively, you can change the global timeout, which by default is 1,800 seconds, on the Site Settings page of Report Manager. Cancel Jobs From the Site Settings page in Report Manager, you can access the Manage Jobs page to view jobs currently executing. Here you can cancel one or more jobs, but be aware you may also need to kill the corresponding process in the source database.
Each release of Windows includes new features and capabilities that affect how applications run. Before making adjustments to improve application compatibility, you should try to gain some understanding of the particular features in Windows Vista that are most likely to cause application compatibility problems. These particular features can generally be classified as security enhancements and operating system changes.
The certification forest. The production forest.
Design Fundamentals
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