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Visual Studio.NET and ASP.NET
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Connecting a SharePoint Library to Outlook
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Using Barcode recognizer for item VS .NET Control to read, scan read, scan image in VS .NET applications.
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Managing the Content Filter agent with EMS
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Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out Here s the third way of applying a class selector or an ID selector is to do the job in Code view:
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See the WeddingList.mdb sample database described in 23, Automating Your Application with Visual Basic for an example using RaiseEvent to synchronize two forms.
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Figure 3-26. Use the folder list to browse and select other folders.
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Publish Status Checkout Status Usage reports
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* Available only if cap is set.
Requirements for Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional
Figure 12-15 The Remove Software dialog box
Part 4: Storage and File Management
Log files
Time, Time Zone, and Daylight Saving
Operating and Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2010 773
Temporarily disabling startup applications to isolate the cause of a post-logon problem . Temporarily disabling automatic services to isolate the cause of a pre-logon or postlogon problem . Permanently or temporarily configuring the BCD registry file . Configuring a normal, diagnostic, or selective startup for Windows Vista .
Cut, Copy, And Sort Objects With Cells. Ask To Update Automatic Links.
Life is so much easier when you know what s coming, and working with spreadsheet data is no exception. Well-ordered data streaming in from outside sources is one of the little joys in an Excel programmer s life, because it means you can reach into the data string and pull out what you need. One such example in the United States is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). VINs are 17 characters long and encode all of the pertinent information about a car: the make, the model, the color, the year manufactured, the plant where the car was manufac tured, and so on. When you have a known data structure, you can use the MID function to pull out just the characters you need for a procedure. Unlike the Left and Right functions, which pull data from the beginning or end of a string, the MID function pulls a set number of characters from the body of the string. The MID func tion s syntax is similar to both the Left and Right functions, with the only difference being that you define the position of the first character to return and the number of characters to be returned.
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